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An Everything Guide to Take Care of Nails At Home

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | November 25, 2022 10:08 AM

Every girl dreams to have perfectly shaped nails but her busy schedule keeps her on toes and deprives her from pampering the nails. However, to maintain a nail care routine, you don’t need fancy tools or a multiple-step process. Nail care doesn’t have to be very elaborate, all it takes is some basic TLC regularly to get healthy and perfectly manicured nails. Just like a basic skincare regime, our nails also need a lot of love and care to remain healthy. 

No matter if you go for extravagant manicures or trendy nail extensions; nail hygiene and good cuticle should always be at the top of the list. Adding a few extra steps to your self-care routine will take your nails a long way. If you are looking for something similar, here’s how to give your nails some much-needed care and attention.  

Ways to Keep your Nails Healthy and Strong 

Always Keep your Hands Clean  

To start, make sure to remove all the traces of dirt, nail paint, or debris trapped in the nails. At a professional salon, nail experts spend a good amount of time prepping the nails first and cleaning them before decorating them. Likewise while doing DIY Manicure; always begin with cleaning the nails to keep them healthy and nourished. The basic grooming and cleaning routine of nails starts with washing and applying hand cream so that the skin remains hydrated and soft. Next use Vega cotton balls or pads dipped in nail paint remover and wipe off the nails, the edge area, and cuticles to clean away the pile of dirt stuck in the corner.  

Keep the Nails Trimmed 

Trimming nails is a simple yet important self-care routine that not only looks great with manicured hands but also avoids dirt accumulating below the nail bed which often leads to infection. The right nail clipping routine with the help of nail cutter set also avoids major concerns like hangnails and ingrown toenails. Nail clipping does not mean cutting down the nails to the shortest length but maintaining a uniform size that makes doing daily chores convenient without hurting or breaking. The best time to trim the nails is right after the shower as the cuticles become soft during this time.  

File the Nails When Required 

Do you also love to keep your fingernails in shape? If yes then a nail file is the next most essential thing to have in your beauty stash for taking care of the nails and cuticles. To shape your nails uniformly without changing the structure, you should always keep your nail filer handy. For getting those perfectly smooth and round edges, you can use the nail filer kit which files the nails conveniently and deliver smooth, shiny, and perfectly groomed nails. While using the filer to smooth away the rough edges, avoid using the nail filer in back and forth direction as it can cause tears in the nails.  

Pick the Nail Paints Carefully  

We belong to the generation which is so picky about skincare that we are either trying new skincare routines or over-hoarding skincare products. While we are so keen on choosing the right skincare, the same concern disappears while selecting nail paints. If you have been doing the same thing till now, you should stop right away. Next time you go out for buying nail paint, stop and read the packaging at the back. If the nail paint consists of harmful ingredients then it can leave the nails brittle, rough, and cracked. Thus you should look for nail colors that are free from derivatives and are not tested on animals.   

Well-groomed nails speak a lot about you. And if you don’t have much time to visit salons for those frequent nail appointments, this handy guide will help you with taking good care of the nails exactly like we pamper our faces.  

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