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What hairstyles are ideal for a wedding?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 24, 2023 01:05 PM

Each bride plans her wedding day in their unique manner. Others make plans as they go, while others have everything organized and prepared before becoming engaged. One thing is sure, though: wedding hairstyles are constantly evolving, regardless of the sort of bride you are! Many thoughts may go through your brain if you haven't decided on your final hairdo, such as "Should I wear my hair up or down for the wedding?" straight vs curly? Is it modest or extravagant? Bridal hairdo selections are almost unlimited, much like wedding gown choices. Be at ease, however! How to choose the ideal wedding hairstyles for your big day is what we'll be covering.

How to choose your wedding hairstyle

Just like picking out your wedding dress, choosing your hair is crucial. The goal is to ensure your aesthetic and wedding aesthetic is reflected in your sense of style. The professionals advise beginning here.

  1. An inspiration board should be made.

If you're having a hair trial, be prepared. To do your trial, meet with a stylist. "Photos of your attire, accessories, and headgear should be brought. Display images that represent your big day's fashion inspiration. That your spouse expects a different version of you just because it's your wedding day is untrue. Try to stay within your innate sense of style since they want you to go by your instincts.

  1. Consider the bridal gown you wore.

Draw ideas from your outfit and the styling the designer gave it, whether on a model or in magazine images. It may aid in removing wedding hair overload and provide fresh insight into the finest ways to style your hair. It's a good idea to have certain hairstyles pulled out that enable you to show off your dress's beautiful back if you're a bride with down-do plans and a detailed back on your clothing. A waterfall of hair cascading across the shoulders may provide a delicate touch to strapless gowns, while even higher updos that lengthen the neck are beneficial for high necklines. In contrast to a deep side part, which may draw attention to asymmetrical elements, centre parts can be a balanced way to reflect a sweetheart neckline.

  • Include your veil or another headdress.

Significant accessories, like the wedding dress, influence your chosen wedding hairstyle. Consider considering complementary coifs if there is a specific veil style you have fallen in love with. For instance, veils draped over the head lack fasteners and must flow smoothly. A hairstyle that can grasp and support a clip-in veil, such as an updo or braided style, may be necessary. The exact amount of preparation will be needed for all headpieces, including full-fledged crowns, delicate tiaras, and fresh flower toppers.

  1. Think about the hairstyles you wear every day.

To choose your wedding hairstyle, use this as a terrific starting point. If you typically wear it down, check for wedding blowouts. Consider an updo or a formal ponytail if you wear it. So that way, even though it's a more traditional version of you, you'll still appear like yourself when you look back on the images from your wedding. Observe some of your favourite self-portraits. Start by identifying the one thing your hair has in combination with those pictures.

  1. Consider the possibility of expansions.

The length, density, or texture of your natural hair should pose no obstacle. There are solutions if you've always wished you had the hair for a particular style but have yet to get it. Hair extensions may help you accentuate your natural features, just as even the straightest hair can be made to retain a beautiful wave. Creative products and procedures may radically alter the texture of your hair, giving you far more hair and thickness than you ever imagined possible, or transform those short layers into Rapunzel-length strands. Feel free to include some of your favourite hairstyles in your inspiration card, and then see what magic your hairdresser can do to make those dreams come true.

The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces: The Essential Guide

With their ability to frame the face, bangs help a round face look narrow. Front bangs, tapered, side bangs, and side swept bangs slim down the forehead and define your face. For ladies with broad features, long, straight hair with layers is a miracle worker. The layers give the jawline greater attention and rigidity by bringing it into focus.

  • For round features, long, rich curls and waves work well. Your face seems narrow because of the thick curls and waves that give your hair volume.
  • You could attempt the textured lob if you want a short haircut. Allow the front to be at or below the jawline, and keep the rear short.
  • Choosing a bun with layers can give your hair more volume and narrow your face, so if you're thinking about doing so, do so.

Oval Face Shape Hairstyles

Consider yourself fortunate in searching for the most fabulous hairstyles for various face shapes since you have the "ideal" face type to rock every haircut easily!


  1. Use a top knot, a thick bun, braids, or another hairstyle to balance off your somewhat longer foreheads.
  2. Choose a look like fringing or unkempt hair that will shorten the face's length.
  3. Add breadth by adding an updo to one side or the middle of the crown.


  1. Selecting an excessively long or sleek outfit can lengthen the face.
  2. Tie your hair tightly at the sides to emphasize how long your face is.
  3. Consider a centre part since it will bring attention to your face and lengthen it by drawing the eye downward.

Hairstyles for a Diamond Face

A cross between a heart and a square, a diamond facial shape is characterized by a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. By softening their angular characteristics, you can complement this face type by employing voluminous hairstyles like open hairstyles and messy braids.


  1. To emphasize the cheekbones and balance the jawline, add some height to the sides of your face.
  2. Choose open hairstyles with plenty of voluminous curls and waves to soften the jaw. It is advised that brides and bridesmaids choose messy hairdos with a few stray hair strands if they go for tied-up hairstyles.


To avoid a harsh appearance, tie all your hair up in the back in a style that isn't too excessive or tight.

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