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Add Drama to Your Outfit with These Bold Necklaces

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 25, 2023 04:34 PM

We all have been guilty of being drama lovers not just in TV serials but also in real life. It could be anything from gossip to parties. But we are not going to spill the beans on that. Here, it’s all about the drama you can bring with your outfit. 

For years, necklaces have been the go-to accessory to amp up the drama in outfits. From chunky chokers to statement necklaces, there is a vast collection of bold necklaces you can pick from. But if you are a newbie who doesn’t know her necklace game yet, we are here to help you! 

Below is a list of some of the prettiest yet boldest necklaces you can easily pair with your ensemble to turn heads. The best part about these pieces is that they can be used to both amp up your style or dial it down. Just style it accordingly and we are sure you would be the show stealer everywhere. 

Let’s take a look at the list now! 

  • 14 Kt Yellow Gold Droplet Necklace 

There’s nothing better than a beautiful diamond necklace to add a dramatic effect to your outfit. This one is inspired by “Dhan” so if you wish to give a vibe of rich and classy girl, this 14 KT yellow gold necklace is your best bet. 

The design is simple but the pear-shaped brilliant cut diamonds make sure the simplicity is dazzling. You can wear it for a birthday party or any festive event. 

  • 18 Kt Yellow Gold Floral Choker Neckwear 

Drama and elegance can go hand in hand. Don’t believe us? Try this choker with an elegant blend of floral and geometric patterns. It will highlight your bold nature while also ensuring your graceful nature doesn’t lose its charm. 

Moreover, the detailing in the design also shows that you are a woman of style who knows how to impress and create drama at the same time. Wear such necklaces with a deep-neck dress and you won’t regret it. 

  • 14 Kt Rose Gold Geometric Diamond Necklace 

If you are a lover of layered necklaces, this stunning necklace is perfect for you. Whether you wish to wear it individually or add more chunky pieces, it will create a bold statement in whichever attire you choose. 

The rose gold keeps the tone down while the geometric shapes with beautiful diamonds display your elite sense of style. You can easily wear it in any festive season. Pair it with matching earrings and you’ll set the occasion on fire. (Pssst... not a literal one!) 

  • 14 Kt Yellow Gold Necklace 

It’s time to bring some colour into the boldness of your necklaces. Try this dainty 14-karat yellow gold necklace whose major highlight is the ruby stones studded in the hexagonal diamond drops. 

These red gemstones and diamonds look bewitching with a V-neck dress. The result? You are not just dramatic but also look breath-taking. Isn’t that a great combination? 

  • 14 Kt Rose Gold Gardenia Diamond Necklace 

The last in the list of bold necklaces is this glamorous necklace that will illuminate your evening like dazzling stars. And yes, drama too. The circular design contains what we all love – diamonds, rose gold, and beauty.


Straight from the collection of Mia by Tanishq, this Gardenia Diamond Necklace is inspired by daisies, but they can also be the talk of the party in no time. Wear it with any of your classy dresses and it’s going to be a winner. 


Done reading? Well, this is just a glimpse of all the drama and boldness you can expect from necklaces. Visit the websites of brands like Mia by Tanishq and browse the wide collection of gorgeous necklaces to match your vibe. And once you found your perfect fit, you can order from the comfort of your couch. Happy shopping!

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