Thursday, June 20, 2024


Ahead of rainy season, Punjab health minister urges people to clean all possible water-stagnation points

CHANDIGARH: With the rainy season is around the corner, Punjab Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Balbir Singh on Wednesday chaired a meeting of the state task force to chalk-out a strategy to prevent the outbreak of vector-borne and water borne diseases in the state. Vector-borne diseases include Dengue, Chikunguniya, Malaria, Lymphatic Filariasis, Japanese Encephalitis and Kala Azar.

Lifting heavy weights at retirement age preserves leg strength: Research

LONDON: Lifting heavy weights around the time of retirement could preserve leg strength into older age, a new research has suggested.

How Yoga made Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma fearless in space

BENGALURU: NV Raghuram, yoga teacher of Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma and the founder of Yoga Bharati, on Wednesday revealed that yoga made Sharma "fearless and more adaptable than any other astronaut" in his team.

V-P Dhankhar praises Modi govt for mission to eradicate Sickle Cell disease

BHOPAL: Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday appreciated the Narendra Modi-led government for its aggressive approach to eradicate 'Sickle Cell' disease from the country.

Blood test can detect rare forms of dementia, neurological diseases: Study

NEW DELHI: Scientists on Tuesday said they have devised a new method to detect rare forms of dementia as well as other neurological diseases through blood tests.

What's this 'rare sensory hearing loss' that singer Alka Yagnik was diagnosed with?

NEW DELHI: Veteran Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik, who revealed that she has been diagnosed with a "rare sensory hearing loss" due to a viral attack, has suffered a type of hearing loss caused by damage to the inner ear or the nerve pathways that transmit sound from the ear to the brain.

Life Sciences industry expects 22 pc of revenue to come from connected health in 5 yrs

NEW DELHI: As the majority (63 per cent) of Life Sciences organisations, across biopharma and medtech, have connected health products already on the market or under development, the industry anticipates that connected health will contribute more than one-fifth of their total revenue (22 per cent) in the next five years, a new report showed on Tuesday.

Patient disruptions in South Korea rise amid doctors' nationwide 1-day strike

SEOUL: Patients nationwide in South Korea experienced increased healthcare disruptions on Tuesday, having to return home without treatment or endure long waits, as neighbourhood clinics closed as part of a general strike by doctors protesting the medical school quota hike.

Young cancer survivors at increased risk of almost all diagnoses in later life: Study

NEW DELHI: Cancer survivors who got the disease at a young age, are at an increased risk of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), other cancers and diagnoses later in life, a new study showed on Tuesday.

New Zealand researchers use new algorithms to manage bird flu

WELLINGTON: New Zealand researchers use new algorithms to speed up response times to serious biosecurity and epidemic threats such as bird flu.

22 more succumb to heat stroke in Bihar, met office issues heat alert

PATNA: The severe heat waves and high humidity in Bihar claimed 22 lives in the last 24 hours, officials said on Monday.

Eating samosa, burger when stressed out can fuel anxiety: Study

NEW DELHI: Eating junk food like a samosa or burger when feeling stressed out can actually elevate anxiety levels, researchers said on Monday.

Scientists spot 6 distinct biological types of depression

NEW DELHI: In a first, scientists on Monday said they have sorted depression into six biological subtypes, or "biotypes", and identified treatments that are more likely or less likely to work for three of these subtypes.

Why is Yoga not just meant for a flexible body?

NEW DELHI: Yoga is not an imposition on you, but it is a discipline that you take on yourself.

Decoded: Why most parents can't make their kids to sleep at ease

NEW DELHI: One in four parents find it difficult to put their children to sleep at ease as they are worried or anxious themselves and rely on strategies that may increase sleep challenges long term, a new study showed on Monday.

Treatment for stress-induced exhaustion disorder needs to be relooked: Researchers

NEW DELHI: Traditional treatment can tend to overlook important psychological and social aspects of stress-induced exhaustion disorder, researchers said on Monday, adding that the concept of stress needs to be discussed from a new perspective.

Researchers link hot weather with increased headaches for people with migraines

NEW DELHI: Scientists have found a link between increased headaches and hot temperatures for individuals with migraines, saying that as temperatures rise, so do chances for migraine attacks.

Concrete-nitrogen mix may offer major health, environment benefits: Study

NEW DELHI: Adding nitrogen to concrete could significantly lower global levels of potentially dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) created by the construction sector in emerging towns and cities, a new study said on Friday.

Clear national blood policy best way to ensure patients receive safest possible blood: Experts

NEW DELHI: A clear national blood policy, with all its stakeholders working together, is the best way to ensure that patients receive the safest possible blood whenever they need it, said experts on World Blood Donor Day on Friday.

Products from Chinese firms found to contain harmful substances

SEOUL: Some of the cosmetics and children's water toys sold on three overseas e-commerce retail platforms have been found to contain harmful substances far exceeding the permitted safety levels, a state-run consumer organisation said on Friday.

Hospital workers urge doctors to scrap planned strike in S. Korea next week

SEOUL: A union representing hospital workers on Friday urged doctors to abandon their plan for a one-day walkout scheduled for next week, as the medical sector has been experiencing a nearly four-month-long vacuum due to physicians protesting the increase in medical school quotas.

Blood donors in Lucknow include only 2 pc women

LUCKNOW: Women constitute merely two per cent of blood donors in Uttar Pradesh's capital city.

New growth, changes in size & colour of moles may be skin cancer: Doctors

NEW DELHI: One should always pay attention to new skin growth, size, colour of moles as it could be skin cancer, said doctors on Thursday, after American pop singer and actor Kevin Jonas shared that he underwent surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma.

Ultrasound key to detect fatty liver disease early: Experts

NEW DELHI: Ultrasound is important to detect fatty liver disease early, said experts on Thursday noting that blood tests may not be enough for a faster diagnosis.

New AI-assisted technique makes teenage girl's crooked legs straight

NEW DELHI: In a remarkable medical feat, a teenage girl's crooked legs were straightened using a novel AI-assisted technique.

40 pc of Indian men don’t talk about their mental health openly: Experts

NEW DELHI: While society has started openly discussing issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, men’s mental health continues to be an overlooked area. About 40 per cent of men in India do not talk about their mental health openly, over fear of stigma, said experts on Thursday.

In the run-up to International Yoga Day, PM Modi shares 'asana' to improve strength

NEW DELHI: After urging everyone to make Yoga an integral part of their lives, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday posted a video of an 'asana', saying that it can help to ensure more strength.

South Korea vows stern response to illegal acts ahead of doctors' collective action

SEOUL: Any illegal acts related to the collective action by doctors will be dealt with sternly, the South Korean government said on Thursday, as medical professors and community doctors plan to stage walkouts in protest against the medical school quota hike.

Bihar hospitals see surge in cases of heat-related illnesses

PATNA: Hospitals in Bihar seeing a surge in cases of heat-related illnesses as the state continues to reel under high temperatures and humidity.

2 die of suspected meningococcal meningitis disease in Vietnam

HANOI: Two people in a family in Vietnam's northern region died of suspected meningococcal meningitis disease while two other family members were in critical condition, according to the National Tropical Disease Hospital on Wednesday.

Eating disorder may raise psychiatric conditions, early death risk: Study

NEW DELHI: People with anorexia nervosa -- an eating disorder -- may be at high risk of developing psychiatric conditions and early death, according to a study on Wednesday. 

Why are autoimmune diseases more prevalent in women?

NEW DELHI: Age, genetic and hormonal factors may explain why women are disproportionately affected by autoimmune diseases than men, said experts on Wednesday.

South Korea: Doctors at major hospitals decide to stage indefinite walkouts

SEOUL: Doctors at major hospitals in the South Korean capital Seoul and its neighboring areas have decided to stage indefinite walkouts, while medical professors are expected to join a planned strike by community doctors next week.

Celine Dion says she went from 2 mg to fatal 90 mg of Valium during health struggles

LOS ANGELES: Singer-songwriter Celine Dion looked back at her health journey through a lens of gratitude after managing undiagnosed stiff-person syndrome symptoms for 17 years.

Weight loss surgery can stop prediabetes in its tracks: Study

NEW DELHI: People with prediabetes and severe obesity who underwent metabolic and bariatric surgery were 20 times less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, claimed a new study on Tuesday.

Indian healthcare known globally for excellence, affordability & advanced infra: JP Nadda

NEW DELHI: India’s healthcare sector is globally known for its excellence, affordability, and advanced infrastructure, said Jagat Prakash Nadda, who on Tuesday took charge as the new Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

Prataprao Ganpatrao Jadhav takes charge as MoS for Health, Ayush Ministry

NEW DELHI: Prataprao Ganpatrao Jadhav on Tuesday took charge as Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, the ministry announced.

Insomnia loss can raise risk of ovarian cancer, impact survival: Experts

NEW DELHI: Women with sleep loss condition insomnia may be at significant risk of developing ovarian cancer, said experts on Tuesday.

Exercise during evening most beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels: Study

NEW DELHI: Finding it hard to lower your blood sugar levels? Doing exercises in the evening hours may help, according to a study on Monday.

Snoring or sleep apnoea? Know when to seek medical attention

NEW DELHI: Snoring is a sleep disorder that can raise the risk of several non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure, and blood sugar and even cause life-threatening heart attack and stroke, said experts on Monday.