Tuesday, December 06, 2022


Punjab farmers unions playing dirty politics, People faces harassment due to roadblocks

CHANDIGARH: The farmer leaders of Punjab with vested interests are in the eye of storm due to their dirty politics being played due to vested interests. The people of Punjab and those visiting Punjab are facing acute harrassment due to road blockades.

In quest of trade and connectivity

The transit issue between India and Bangladesh has long been debated. An agreement was made in 2010 to carry products to India's northeastern states through the Bangladesh route. Since then, several arguments and complaints have centered on the transit problem, which climax in 2016 when Bangladesh agreed to allow India to use its road in exchange for a nominal tariff.

Nehru-Bhabha's 'scientific fusion' triggered India's 'nuclear fission'

MUMBAI: Barely months after India attained Independence, the fledgling nations first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was already dreaming about building a nuclear power plant as one of the �modern temples to boost the countrys future development.

Guided by his rejection of Princely India, Nehru paved way for integration

It was incomprehensible for Jawaharlal Nehru to think of the princely states to be outside the orbit and ambit of a future free India.

Xi Jinping expects to be in command till 2035

NEW DELHI: Certainly, some critique put him on a par with Deng Xiaoping or even Mao Zedong. Some years ago, Xi Jinping had made a classic statement - "One must build a good cage. If the cage is too loose, or is very good but the door is not closed, and one is free to go in and out, then that is of no use."

Sikh Miniature Paintings-A voyage of discovery

As one opens the covers of this voluminous coffee table book, one is struck by a breathtaking set of Sikh Miniature Paintings. The illustrations depicting each Painting are beautifully rendered. Ludwig W concludes his magnum Opus"Tractatus Logico Philosophicus" by saying :" Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must pass over in silence." What he meant was that there is a point Where speaking has to give way to showing.

Azad's exit to impact Cong in J&K: Karan Singh 

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress leader Dr. Karan Singh believes that the exit of Ghulam Nabi Azad from the party will have an impact on Jammu and Kashmir's politics.

Electricity Bill 2022- A vehicle for privatisation and not for reforms

Electricity Amendment Bill 2022 introduced in Parliament on August 8 is a vehicle for privatisation of the power sector and not for reforming it.

Why Power Ministry forced states to import coal when there was no coal shortage - AIPEF

CHANDIGARH: Parliament on Monday was informed that there is no shortage of coal in the country, then why does the Ministry of Power issued instructions for the import of 10% requirement of coal to all the generating companies in a time-bound manner, All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) has written to the Prime Minister on July 26 seeking withdrawal of the coal import instructions.

Russia-China ties under stress?

Recent events in Ukraine and Taiwan are once again testing the Russia-China ties, as neither has commented upon or shown support to each others actions in different theatres of action.

The aura and physical aspects of being a Sardar

If you think that a Sardar is one who wears turban over his head, then you have not the right understanding of this word. To understand what exactly it connotes, read on the succeeding paras.