Tuesday, February 27, 2024


Remembering last of the Lahore educated old guard Chief Engineer Mr. Bikram Singh Grewal on his 101st birthday

One of the finest technical educational institutions in North Western India, the Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh (PEC), celebrates its annual day in the second week of each year. The alumni of this institution meet every year under an umbrella organization Punjab Engineering College Old Students Association popularly known as PECOSA. Every year on the annual day one old student of its parent institution, the McLaggan College of Engineering Lahore, Mr. Bikram Singh Grewal (Born on February 15, 1923 – died on December 31, 2023).

India’s abrupt shut down of Shortwave transmissions

A brand new car loses half of its value when it gets out of the showroom. This is true of any big ticket item after it is sold. When the governments buy something, the money involved is not their’s, it is the tax payer’s money, not their own, that is why they don’t care. Decisions taken without debating the pros and cons of their consequences can be ruinous. This is what India recently did to its shortwave broadcasting services less than a decade ago.

Human Fraternity –Role of Education (February 4 is International Day of Human Fraternity)

Human Fraternity means a sense of common brotherhood of all humans, which gives unity and solidarity to social life. It is the idea that all humans are connected, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. This concept promotes peace, love, and unity among all people. Practicing Human Fraternity means promoting equality, fairness, and justice as it involves treating everyone with kindness and dignity, and working together for the common good.

SC Orders All Courts Not To Mention Caste, Religion Of Litigants In Case Papers

By Sanjeev Sirohi
While taking the most historic right step and also the most commendable right initiative in the right direction, we see that the Supreme Court which is the highest court of India in a most learned, landmark, logical, laudable and latest judgment titled Shama Sharma vs Kishan Kumar in Transfer Petition (Civil) No. 1957 of 2023 in the exercise of its civil original jurisdiction that was pronounced as recently as on January 10, 2024 has minced just no words to hold most commendably in no uncertain terms that all the courts must stop mentioning caste, religion of litigants in case papers.

Modi has a chance to put his stamp on foreign policy, will he take it?

WASHINGTON: India will name an ambassador to the US shortly to fill the vacancy left open by the retirement of Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the incumbent. And it will likely be another officer of the Indian Foreign Service as has become the practice in the last two decades.

What is two state solution to resolve conflict between Israel and Palestine?

Mukh Mantri Teerth Yatra scheme-another pro-people endeavor of Bhagwant Mann Government

CHANDIGARH: Continuing its pro-people endeavors, the Punjab government led by the Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann has launched the ambitious ‘Mukh Mantri Teerth Yatra Scheme’ to facilitate the people in paying obeisance at the various religious places.

Israel Government planting fake stories about knowing whereabouts of its hostages

LONDON: The Israeli Government through media agencies is planting fake stories to descrdit Hamas and gain public sympathy after inprecedented destruction and killings of thousands of civilian Palastinians in attack on Gaza.

Gaza's forgotten children (Opinion)

NEW DELHI: The World Children's Day, November 20, was observed during the Israel's war on Gaza, in which estimatedly 5,500 children have been killed. International humanitarian agencies are concerned about the unfolding tragedy but it looks as if the international community is sleeping and not bothered about taking any concrete action in this regard.