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Two day food and nutrition show to be held on Debruary 18 and 19 at Gulmohan Park Delhi

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 12, 2023 01:35 PM

Theme this year is Gardening for peace and Environment Health
NEW DELHI: Delhi's biggest two day Food and Nutrition show organised by All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) in Gulmohar park club grounds will begin in the national capital on February 18-19, 2023.

“The kitchen garden show with the theme ‘Gardening for peace and environment health’ is being organised after Two year gap due to covid restrictions . This year AIKGA has shifted the focus and theme of the show on gardening for health, environment, nutrition and food preservation instead for usual display of fruit, vegetables and flowers . various chapters of the association in Delhi and National Capital Region will be presenting whole range of environment, nutrition food and related recipes to meet the needs of changing environment and lifestyle “said Ms Bella Gupta, Secretary, All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA).

“There is increasing evidence that exposure to plants and green space, and particularly to gardening, is beneficial to mental and physical health. Traditional art for centuries, gardening fills vacant yard spaces with color, texture, and edibles, as well as satisfies the innate desire to create. Engaging with soil and plants in the fresh air has proven to have numerous environmental and health benefits for people” said Ms Bella Gupta.

“A food garden ensures the freshness and quality of what consumers eat. At a time when pesticides and fertilizers are over-used, consider how comfortable you are when you know precisely what affected your fruits and vegetables. In addition, a vegetable garden is a beautiful method to acquire personal responsibility and pleasure. A truly rewarding example of how gardening benefits our environment.” Ms Gupta said.

“Gardening can help the Earth. Plants are living examples of how gardening benefits our environment. Plants function as highly effective cleansers, absorb carbon dioxide and various air contaminants, and at the same time, release clean oxygen and scents.” She added.

“The major highlights of the Two day show will be a wide display of vegetables, fruits, flowers, hanging baskets, trays, water and bottle gardens, vegetable carving, landscaping, general nutrition and cooking tips . A painting competition on health and nutrition will be another major attraction during the show”said Ms Gupta.

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