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BQS game the Chandigarh Administration plays

YS RANA | May 22, 2022 10:31 PM

CHANDIGARH: The Chandigarh Administration has been playing BQS game since long at the cost of public exchequer but the game seems no end of it. From old brick and cement bus queue shelters to hi-tech and back to old one. Hi t tech bus queue shelters dead long live the old brick and cement shelters seemed to be true if one goes by the history of BQS in Chandigarh.

Again the engineering department of Chandigarh Administration has called tender to renovate and improve the condition of old 199 BQS constructed on either side of V-1, V-2, V-3 and V-4 roads since long. For this purpose the department will spend over Rs 1.04 crore. Under project, roof, floor, benches, walls and pillars of these BQS will be repaired to make these comfortable for commuters.

In 2011, residents of city hoped to get rid of ill-maintained bus queue shelters as the Admin9istration had decided to construct 60 new hi-tech BQS using stainless steel and granite in place of bricks and cement at a cost of Rs 9 crore. It was promised that these shelters would have proper seating arrangements, beautiful exterior elevation besides guide map and timetables. The then authority has also assured that commuters would find these more comfortable compared to old one.

Soon a commuter of CTU does think and with what perspective interpret the condition of BQS all across the city. Rather, how many of us care to observe the wastage of public money. Within two years of these coming up all gave way to neglect and apathy and joy to “kabariwala’ to sell steel and iron parts for a few coins. Still no one give a thought to this wastage of public money. If you are unfortunate to be one of hundreds of daily CTU commuter you will not be greeted by the ‘grandeur’ that CTU bus shelters have promised. Residents were advised not to forget to take umbrella with you whenever you head towards these BQS to protect oneself from heat and rains.

But within two years these operation, most of these have lost their seating facilities, poke at the commuters roofless, cramped, rusted and un-cleaned bus shelters started present a deserted look of neglect and apathy of the authority. A few year ago, the Administration had also decided to construct 289 new bus queue shelters in the city.

It is a matter of inquiry how much public amount has been spent on this game and also raised a question mark on the wisdom of the authority that may be. But some one, some where, some time has to stand up against this blatant misuse of public money.

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