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No Selfie, No Salary

July 17, 2019 02:56 PM

BARABANKI(UP): Yes, you read the title correctly. Taking selfies for fun and sharing is common these days and people irrespective of gender indulge in it. However, in Barabanki (in Uttar Pradesh), selfie will determine the salaries of teachers.

Every morning, teachers will have take their selfie and post it in a whatsapp group made for uploading your selfie. This will determine whether the teacher is present in mornings to take a class or not.

This method has been the find of the Megha Rupam who has recently joined as the CDO (Chief Development Officer). CDO was upset with regular absenteeism of teachers from school. Now, every teacher has to upload their selfie in the whatsapp group made of this purpose before 8 am in the morning. If your selfie is posted, you attendance will be counted, else the teacher will be marked absent. This method of attendance has been in use for the past one month and has definitely shown results. Within a month, attendance of teachers has reached up to 99 %. A total of 500 teachers have lost a few day's salary since the implementation of attendance with selfie method. Buoyed by the response, administration is considering expanding the scheme to cover Aanganwadi workers (AWWs) too under this.

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