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Consumption of 'Langar' reduces to one fourth in Golden Temple due to Covid epidemic

AMRIK SINGH | May 21, 2021 05:30 PM

AMRITSAR: The low fall out of devotees in the Golden Temple Amritsar has led to low consumption of 'langar' (Community food) during last one month.

Though the number of devotees partaking langar at the Golden temple has seen steep decline, there has been no significant reduction in donations for the Langar, which pour in from around the world.

Sri Guru Ramdas Langar at Sri Harmandir Sahib is famous as the largest community kitchen in the world. Millions of Sikh families around the world send money to cook daily from such a large kitchen.

The devotees following the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji dedicate one tenth of their earnings in the service of Gurdwaras. This money is used for managing gurdwaras and anchoring expenses. In normal days, up to one lakh devotees used to eat food here daily. Now in the Corona period this number has come down to only close to 25 thousand.

The SGPC sources said that the consumption of flour, pulses, sugar, milk and ghee has decreased in the world's largest community kitchen during the epidemic, but the donations made by Sangat for this kitchen have not decreased in any way.

Harpinder Singh, in-charge of Shri Guru Ramdas Langar, said that before the Kovid crisis, about one lakh devotees used to reach Sri Harmandir Sahib daily. According to Harpinder Singh, on an average, 65 to 70 quintals of flour and 15 to 60 quintals of pulses were consumed daily in the first anchorage. Now it has been reduced to 45 quintals and eight quintals.

Aabout 25 thousand rotis are made in an hour by the automatic bread maker machine. In addition, one hundred gas cylinders, 500 kg of wood were consumed. Earlier, up to four quintals of desi ghee was consumed daily in the anchor, the quantity of which has now come down to one and a half to two quintals. Consumption of vegetables in anchor has also come down from 19-20 quintals to seven to eight quintals.

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