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Dengue’s sting is sharp in the region this season.

YS RANA | October 30, 2022 09:54 AM

CHANDIGARH: Blame it to climate or public healthcare for sharp increase in dengue cases in the region. Though the states have been warned time and again not to sit pretty as the urbanization facilitate more breeding sites to dengue growth and state governments should focus on strengthening its efforts to contain the seasonal problem.

Rapid spread of dengue in many states shows the failure of the government and the public in containing the disease as the tally this year is quite high compared to last year. Incidence of dengue cases has taken many by surpirse as it is unseasonal to earlier trends. Present dengue epidemic in the region indicates one-obscure disease has again raised its head.

According to union ministry of health and family welfare till September 30, 2022, Himachal Pradesh has reported 1284 cases of dengue compared to Haryana 1876 and Punjab 2329. Whereas Chandigarh has reported 596 cases of dengue and 29 of chickengunia. While in 2021, Haryana has reported 11, 835 cases, Punjab 23, 389 and Himachal Pradesh 349 compared to Chandigarh 1596.

The data also shows that during the past seven year, Punjab had reported the highest number of dengue cases in the region followed by Haryana. In 2009 and 2011, Himachal Pradesh has not reported any dengue case.

According to IMA Guidelines dengue normally is of Den 1; Den 2; Den 3 and Den 4 serotypes. Serotypes 1 and 3 are less dangerous as compared to 2 and 4. Rapid spread of dengue cases this year has taken the authorities on the toes. Top health experts in Chandigarh say the present outbreak of dengue is that of Den 2.

While talking to officials of health department revealed that this time climate did not thankful as long rainy season provided number of breeding sites to Aedes mosquitoes. They added that there was a connection between weather variable and the incidence of dengue. “Higher mean temperature and high humidity foster higher rate of dengue incidents, ” say they.

According to a study done by Donald Shepard, a health professor at Brandeis University-2014 reveals that India has the highest number of dengue cases in the world.” Hence, we need more tools and resources to combat the disease.

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