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Expert at RBU pleads for gender neutral policy

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 13, 2021 11:26 AM

MOHALI: Department of Life Sciences, Rayat Bahra University organized a webinar on ‘Understanding Gender and Patriarchal Society’ to make aware the masses about gender sensitization, gender related issues, women equality and the impact of patriarchal society.

Prof Gurpinder Kumar, Centre for Women Studies, University Of Allahabad, Paryagaraj, spoke about gender sensitization and the role of patriarchal society. He talked about gender socialization, gender inequality in schools and role of society, companions and peers.

He pointed out how laws failed to cover sexual violence and sexual harassment. He stressed the need of women empowerment to bring about a significant change in the society. He stressed on the need of gender neutral policy that sees each human being as one.

Prof Simerjit Kaur, Nodal Teacher for Gender Champion Club, which organized the webinar, and Head of the Department of Life Sciences, said that patriarchal society did not only make a woman subordinate but it limited the role of a man.

Sahila Bahra, Vice-President (Academics), Rayat Bahra Group, stated that transcending possibilities of differing roles and individuality could bring a far more caring culture.

Dr Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Rayat Bahra University, said that a gender-neutral policy is required to achieve equity and gender equality. By viewing each other in different roles, particularly the male, we could seriously be challenging patriarchy leading to a far more significant change in society.

Prof BS Satyal, Registrar, Rayat Bahra University, underlined the need for organizing more such discussions to sensitize the society about gender equality.

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