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Key things to keep in mind while opting for an MBA in Marketing

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | July 08, 2021 11:00 AM

Marketing is one of the most sought after specialisations among MBA aspirants. Doing an MBA in Marketing means a graduate will be eligible to be employed in a sector that is part of all corporate establishments in some form or the other. 

In fact, it is an area of specialisation that has developed further specialisations down the line. As a result many institutes are now offering courses only on digital marketing. 

So, if you choose to do an MBA in Marketing there is no doubt that you will be employable in corporate establishments. But where you do it from also matters significantly because that has a lot of potential to determine the position at which you start a corporate career. It is not simply about the skills you develop or the book-based learning credits you acquire in the course.

 A comprehensive management degree should make you completely industry-ready so that your first step after graduation is in a good establishment with a handsome CTC. 

This article will provide you with some of the key things that you should know before taking the big step of pursuing the ultimate specialization in management education

What does it mean to be industry ready?

 A steady career in well-established corporate organisations is the ultimate goal of candidates looking to pursue an MBA in Marketing

So, it's important for the institute to become an outlet for the students to the wide world of corporations. It happens by exposing students to various roles in the industry as well as to the culture of the industry as a whole. 

If you are looking at the top colleges for an MBA in Marketing then you would see that they maintain their top status by consistently performing in two categories. A strong foundation in academics and connections with professional associations and industry bodies. IBMR Hubli has consistently achieved on both these ends for the last several years. 

The college is located in Hubli city of Karnataka and it is part of the IBMR group of institutions’ legacy in empowering generations by imparting quality business education. Founded in 1999, the group has been doing terrific work for the last 30 years by producing high quality graduates who are ready for the industry. 

They offer specialised MBA courses in Marketing designed for the needs of the digitally integrated environment of Industry 4.0. It is an industry-aligned programme approved by the AICTE with global standards and great scope for professional exposure. They also offer student exchange programmes with foriegn institutes and foreign internships. 

Balancing the act

Opportunities for graduates with a good theoretical foundation and adequate market exposure comes at a price. Top colleges offering MBA in Marketing are expensive and for many students it involves substantial financial risk. It makes them financially dependent on others much before they get a job offer.  

Choosing the right course becomes synonymous with taking up financial burdens even before starting to earn. Sunstone Eduversity has been offering a unique programme that allows graduates to pay the course fee only after securing a placement. 

It has been materialised through partnerships with several premier management institutes globally and nationally. IBMR Hubli is also one of them. Sunstone Eduversity’s Pay After Placement scheme reduces the risk of candidates by making them financially independent during the course.   

With a number of wide-ranging international collaborations under its belt, Sunstone Eduversity also offers graduates the opportunity to get a global exposure through their Global Immersion Programme. In a highly unique offering, candidates are taken to any one of the key global business hubs of Dubai, Singapore or Malaysia. 

Over a 10 days period they are exposed to the corporate environments of the highest quality that ticks all the boxes of global industry standards. 


 A specialised degree in Marketing should open doors for you in corporate establishments. So it's important to keep all these things in mind as you look at courses in India’s top institutes.

The objective is to be industry ready by balancing the act so that you can complete your graduation without any financial stress. While you look to ace the MBA entrance exams make sure to not forget to make a list of preferred institutes in your radar.

The period that lies between qualifying for an MBA entrance test and getting admitted to an institute can be chaotic and full of uncertainty. Make sure you are sufficiently prepared beforehand. 

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