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Webinar on life goals at Rayat Bahra

June 25, 2021 05:14 PM

MOHALI: A webinar was organized by Dr Mandeep Kaur Sandhu, Head of the Department of Electronics and Communication of the Rayat Bahra University on `Life Goal Setting and Achievement’.

Guest speaker was Dr Ravinder Singh, Consulting Technical Architect, Cabinet Office, Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO), London, who was introduced by Dr Simerjeet Kaur Shergill, Head of the Life Sciences Department.

Prof Parvinder Singh, Vice Chancellor, Rayat Bahra University welcomed the guests and the participants present in the session.

Dr Ravinder Singh started with a small activity where he asked the students to set one achievable goal per year (for say 5/ 10 years) and write it on a piece of paper. These goals could be anything from personal, career, spiritual, professional, financial, health, relationship and other areas. It is the goal planning phase that comes in one’s mind as per her/his priorities. The list can be altered after reflection as per changed priorities. The prioritization is important to be in sync with the flow of life. Now goals should be based on ground realities.

With all the options, now the important aspect that works is will/way forward; that is what is that ‘you want’ or which option is that ‘you want’. For that you need to know where you stand on a scale of 10 where 1 means not prepared at all and 10 means goal achieved.

The crux is in preparing action plans, measurement systems and checking where you are between your current and desired goal. Dr Singh narrates “Doing it Now is the key”; “procrastination is the death of opportunities”.

A large number of participants registered for the event. Prof Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Rayat Bahra University, thanked the guest speaker. A vote of thanks was proposed by Prof Simerjeet Kaur Shergill. She also thanked Gurwinder Singh Bahra, Chancellor, Sahila Bahra, Vice-President (Academics), Prof Parvinder Singh, Vice-Chancellor and Dr Satyal, Registrar, Rayat Bahra University, for giving the opportunity to conduct this event.

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