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Boarding Schools Champion Life Skills in Children

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 28, 2021 11:13 AM

The process of learning never stops in a boarding school. Lessons are not only restricted within the four walls of the classroom, but it goes beyond to encompass independence, social skills, tolerance and more. According to India Today, boarding schools support the all-around development of children. 

While strong academic preparation can help children to succeed in top universities in India and abroad, boarding schools make children strong academically and also teaches them essential life skills that are required to thrive outside the classroom. 

Here, take a look at some of the amazing life skills that your child will learn and develop in a boarding school. 

  1. Conflict Resolution Skills 

Boarding schools offer students hostel facilities where they have to share a room with two or three people. As such, it is possible for them to have disagreements. 

As students come from various backgrounds and cultures, it would take them some time to adjust to each other. However, since they have to share a room, they find ways to resolve their disagreement and work towards maintaining a positive, long-term relationship. 

This skill will come in handy in resolving future conflicts with their future roommates or employees. 

  1. Self-management Skills 

Even though there are teachers and staff to help students in a boarding school in Siliguri or anywhere else in India, children are practically away from home and on their own. 

Being away from the protective shelter of their parents makes students adopt the right values and skills to take care of their skills. From ironing their clothes to polishing their shoes and making sure that their things are accountable for, children learn to look after themselves without any help. 

  1. Financial Management Skills

Boarders are generally given an allowance by their parents when they are living at the boarding school. This means that they have to take responsibility and manage their finances themselves so that they do not run out of money too often. By the time they are ready to receive a college education, they will be prepared to handle money on their own and also understand the value of money. 

  1. Learn about Independence and Personal Responsibility 

At a boarding school, children learn to be responsible for themselves and also their possessions. This helps in developing character traits like independence and self-reliance. 

If you enroll your child in a boarding school, you will be helping him or her practice independence with a much larger community and under the watchful eyes of the boarding school staff. Your child will build confidence regarding managing his or her homework, staying healthy, and grabbing every opportunity to thrive in the real world. 

  1. Strong Work Ethics 

Boarding schools not only encourage students to achieve academic excellence, but they are also motivated to adopt healthy study habits and disciplined work habits. As children will be left on their own to complete assignments and ace assessments, they are going to develop a sense of responsibility and ethics that will help them in their professional life. 

  1. Increased Self-confidence in Social Settings 

You already know that every child is unique, and therefore, you should not compare your child or judge him or her. For some, social skills come sooner than later. However, there are children who struggle with it. 

The supportive and encouraging social atmosphere fostered at boarding schools provides advantages for everyone. It helps students to break out of their inhibitions sooner or later and become a part of the learning environment with their peers, friends, or roommates. 

Ongoing social interactions help children to learn social skills and thrive in social settings. 

  1. Acceptance and Tolerance 

In a CBSE residential school in Siliguri, you will find students coming from varied cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. It is a hot pot of culture, diverse thinking, and varied opinions. When all of these students share meals, classes, and sleeping quarters, they begin to develop a close bond that transcends racial, geographical, or ethnic differences. 

Since boarding school students share cultural insights and personal stories, they learn to see beyond the various categories of difference. These children grow up to be tolerant citizens who have learned to accept one another wholeheartedly. This is one of the life skills that is going to help students in their future life when they are living in the real world. 

  1. Manners and Etiquette 

Nowadays, there can be seen a startling decrease in simple etiquette and manners. It seems like it is acceptable to yell or shout at someone, irrespective of that person’s age. Also, people are running out of patience and not thinking twice before throwing a fit or tantrum. 

But, boarding school children are above all that. They are well-mannered individuals who have learned proper etiquette and manners in boarding school because they shared the hostel with other students. Everybody grew up together and learned to help one another, be patient and tolerant, and behave properly. Students who study in boarding schools know how to talk to people politely and they do not easily become impatient. 

So, these are some of the most crucial life skills that your child can learn in a boarding school. These skills will help him or her in facing real-world challenges and becoming triumphant. Moreover, your child will develop excellent social skills and also might be able to come out of his or her shell. This can be your child's first real exposure to how the outside world is and how one should conduct himself/herself. 

If you have the resources and budget, you can consider sending your child to a boarding school as early as grade 3. It would be better for your child to gain such life skills earlier rather than later. 

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