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Is The Tribune Group a sinking ship ? Former staffer Sukhdev Singh raises serious questions

August 25, 2020 04:04 PM

CHANDIGARH: Sukhdev Singh former staffer of The ribune published from Chandigarh has raised serious concerns about the financial position of The Tribune Group, blaming the members of The Tribune Trust for mismanagement. He claims that The Tribne Group is sinking ship. The Tribune group is publishing three newspapers The Tribune in English, Punjabi Tribune in Punjabi and Dainik Tribune in Hindi.

We are reproducing the article written by Sukhdev Singh on his facebook page for our readers to assess themselves. It is matter of great concern if the allegations in the article are true. The Tribune Group repersents the people of Punjab for over a decade and linked with the psyche of the people. Read full text below:

I'm very sadly sharing this news with friends | It's about to reach financially in ICU |
In the last two years, the organization has suffered a loss of Rs 18.75 crore | Chalant Mali in the first quarter of the year has suffered an unparalleled loss of Rs 12.56 crore | as per the current conditions. The deficit can increase and reach a round of Rs. 35-40 crore |
So this organization must have eaten about 50 % of its capital collected in decades | food water of 1500 employees families and the heritage capital of Punjab which has been running since 1881 is in danger. Is it |
This historic institution is not just eating the current economic crisis | its sinking march is deep | the real root of the disease is the founding |
Its administrative trust is non-town | trust has no town journalist, nor commercial town specialist | the appointment of trustees has taken a different way | careless players of public sector or government finance free from all functions Tired, lost service-free servants, scratching each other's back newspapers sit on the head of the group | There is no age of admission, no reserved |
This trust is run with the property of Sardar Dayal Singh Majithia, son of a Sikh general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, under the current nayak managers, the restlessness of this institution is very sad | Sardar who is standing the trust The order was that ′′ Trustee put this institution's earnings only and only to strengthen it ′′ "|
That time I have seen myself when trustees like Lala Badri Das (I'm not going here in their political views) used to bake their own bread for meetings | General Manager of a service-free servant of Haryana after 1978 New Trustee Trust meetings formed in 5 (but after the death of Dr. Randhawa in 1985) started in 5-Tara hotels |
Moving further from this, Ajoka went to understand the money of the trustee trust as his father's property |
Here I can give countless examples of how on one hand these trustees haven't repeated the last 35 years in the interest of the organization's progress but on the other hand they have the trust money under their ignorance / negligence / brotherhood or other influences Destroyed | Today Tribune's management has been imposed on distribution, distribution-costly governance while no more attention to journalists, writers and content resources | People want reading, Here the Tribune has been made to be a market yield to the Salesman | Two unions are eating the organization differently |
An existing trustee of the trust, also the pattern of Chandigarh Law Tennis Association, gave the association an aid amount of Rs 45 lakh from the trust during six years | The same person to release a book about Chandigarh 9 lakh rupees spent in 2017 from the earnings of the trust on the event |
Then the Trustees started a race to play with the trust money for their areas and personal roars | General S. S. Mehta's trustee has given 20 lakh rupees for Pune International Center | Present President N. On the way. Vohra gave Rs 35 lakh to India International Center, Delhi | Vohra is the head of the center nowadays | Vohra spent around 15 lakh rupees on a function related to Jallianwala Bagh | Footing any of the expense of the tribunal doesn't matter far |
Under the leadership of Vohra, the trustee is wasting the money of the Tribune by which non-town and commercial parties, the soul of Sardar Dayal Singh must be shaking | Took two new editions from Jammu and Srinagar | Till now the turban on them has gone 30-35 crore | No survey of business possibilities before taking out this edition | Today Jammu edition sells only 6000 copies daily while Srinagar The circulation couldn't grow over 1200 copies |
All this costly jugaad was to follow Vohra's huma who as the governor of Kashmir was eager to see his photo on every page of the Tribune but here the soul and property of the Tribune was burning | sorry to say I Based on the Conflux of Interest, with Vohra's two positions, the Trustees were checked at that time but no one paid attention to my warning |

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