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HP sets target of providing roof to all by 2022

December 09, 2019 08:38 PM

UNA (HP): Himachal Pradesh has set for itself the target of providing roof over the head of roofless families by 2022 under the Prime Minister Awas Yojna (PMAY) initiated by the central government. While talking to the minister for rural development, Mr Virender Kanwar said that under the scheme in district Una a total of 1321 families were approved for provision of houses, of these,   395 houseless families have been provided roof over their heads till now. And the construction work for remaining 901 houses was on full swing, he added.           

He further revealed that in the urban area of the district, construction of 508 houses was approved and of these 272 houses have been completed. Under the scheme a sum of Rs 4.53 crore has been distributed among the beneficiaries so far.

In the second, from September 2018 to till date, Mehatpur an urban area of the district, approval for construction of 111 has been accorded and of these 47 houses have been completed. The construction work on the remaining houses is in full swing. A sum of 10.40 lakh has been given to the beneficiaries in the second phase.  

On the other, 74 families have been identified inTahliwal urban area and 10 houses have been completed for allotment. Beneficiaries have been provided an assistance of Rs 80.30 lakh. In Santokhgarh another urban area of the district, 80 houseless families have been identified and 22 families have been allotted houses. A sum of Rs 47 lakh has been distributed among these 80 families for construction of houses.  

In the urban area of Nagret, construction of 52 houses for roofless families were approved and of these 12 houses have been completed. For this purpose Rs 55 lakh have been given as financial assistance to the beneficiaries. In Daulatpur 128 roofless families were identified and 32 houses have been given to these families. For this purpose Rs 74 lakh was provided to the beneficiaries for construction of houses under the scheme.

Happiness was visible on the face of beneficiaries Hari Om and Ashok Kumar who got houses under the scheme were all praise to the prime minister Mr Nariendra Modi and the state government. “All these years, life is cruel for them as they used to bear brunt of vagaries of weather.  But due to financial assistance provided by the state government they fulfilled life-long desire to have roof on their heads, ” said they.

Kanwar also said that each homeless family was provided Rs 1.65 lakh for construction of house. In hill state like Himachal Pradesh, the main problem was to first provide land to landless families. But he was confident of achieving the target “houses for all” by 2022 in the State.

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