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Himachal Tourism Spring Carnival to be organized in Dharamshala: Bali

ARVIND SHARMA | February 03, 2024 07:48 PM

DHARAMSALA: The Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh is set to dazzle visitors with the much-anticipated Himachal Pradesh Tourism Spring Carnival, scheduled from 25th to 29th February in Dharamshala. This exciting announcement was made by the Chairman of the Tourism Development Corporation, Cabinet Rank RS Bali, underscoring the government's commitment to transform Kangra district into the ultimate tourism capital.

Mr. RS Bali outlined the ambitious vision to elevate tourism in the region, aiming to increase tourist footfall from three crore to five crore over the next five years. To achieve this goal, comprehensive efforts are underway to enhance infrastructure and organize grand events through the Tourism Department at various levels, as outlined in a meticulously crafted action plan.

The inaugural Himachal Pradesh Tourism Spring Carnival promises to be a spectacle like never before. Among the highlights is the introduction of five-star nights, a first-of-its-kind initiative designed to captivate tourists and locals alike. Renowned singers will grace the stage, enthralling audiences with mesmerizing performances. Additionally, the carnival will host the Voice of Dhauladhar competition, providing a platform for aspiring talents to showcase their vocal prowess. Notably, the Brass Band Contest will debut, offering Himachal's brass band artists a coveted opportunity to shine on a public platform.

Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh, the carnival will feature captivating presentations of traditional Himachali dance by diverse artist groups. Attendees can indulge in a gastronomic adventure at the food festival and explore the vibrant exhibition of Himachali art and cultural artifacts. Adding to the allure, a traditional costume fashion show promises to showcase the region's sartorial elegance.

The Tourism Department is committed to hosting such immersive events continuously, fostering a thriving tourism ecosystem in Kangra district and beyond. Mr. RS Bali emphasized the meticulous planning and coordination underway to ensure the seamless execution of the Spring Carnival, underscoring the government's dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences for visitors.

As anticipation builds for the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Spring Carnival, it serves as a testament to the state's vibrant cultural tapestry and its unwavering commitment to tourism excellence. With its diverse offerings and spirited ambiance, the carnival is poised to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of attendees, inviting them to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of Himachal Pradesh.

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