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Tragic Incident in Dharamshala: Tourist's Death Sparks Concern

ARVIND SHARMA | March 22, 2024 09:07 PM

DHARAMSALA: Dharamshala, a city beloved by tourists for its serene beauty and tranquil atmosphere, is witnessing an unprecedented surge in visitor numbers. Amidst this influx, a grim incident unfolded in McLeodganj, where a dispute over dining at a local dhaba escalated into a violent clash between two groups on Thursday, leading to the tragic death of a tourist.

Navdeep, a 33-year-old visitor from Phagwara, became a casualty of the altercation. The conflict began in two groups at the dhaba and quickly spiraled out of control. In the ensuing melee, Navdeep sustained fatal injuries. Local attempts to rush him to the hospital were futile; he succumbed to his injuries en route.

The police, under the direction of Kangra SP Shalini Agnihotri, have taken prompt action; detain 6 individuals in connection to the incident. The exact roles of those involved are still under investigation, with the police committed to uncovering the full scope of this tragic event. The case, registered at the Falsetganj police station in McLeodganj, is ongoing, with authorities working diligently to ascertain the precise cause of Navdeep's untimely demise. Initial assessments suggest a severe head injury as the likely cause, but conclusive details await the post-mortem report.

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