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Deputy Chief Minister OP Soni flags off vehicles for cleaning the inner city of Amritsar

AMRIK SINGH | October 24, 2021 11:15 AM

AMRITSAR: Chief Minister Punjab Om Prakash Soni flagged off the road cleaning vehicles for maintenance of sanitation of the inner city roads. Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu had made a promise to the residents of Amritsar, the holy land of Guru Ram Das Ji, to regulate the cleanliness of the inner city.

On the occasion Deputy Chief Minister lauded the Municipal Corporation of Amritsar for regulating the sanitation arrangements of the city. He also lauded the development work being carried out by Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu for paying special attention to the service of the people of the city and said that due to his efforts the face of Amritsar city has changed.

Soni said that today at a cost of Rs. 6 crore 49 vehicles have been dispatched for urban sanitation. He said that these vehicles would cover 12 wards in the inner part of the city.
He said that these vehicles would ensure cleanliness in the narrow streets and crowded markets of the inner city. He said that Amritsar was a holy city where millions of devotees used to come daily to pay their respects and it was the duty of all of us to keep our city clean and tidy so that the pilgrims could take a good impression from here.

Talking about dengue, Mr. Soni said that the health department was fully prepared to control the spread of dengue and separate dengue wards have been set up in all government hospitals. Replying to a query, he said that strict action would be taken against any private hospital in the city if it received any complaint regarding overcharging of dengue patients.

Speaking on the occasion Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu said that Amritsar was a world famous city in which millions of devotees used to come daily to pay homage at religious places but due to lack of proper sanitation the image of Municipal Corporation Amritsar was deteriorating among the people. Today the Municipal Corporation of Amritsar in collaboration with Smart City has deployed machinery worth crores of rupees in the inner city streets to regularize the cleanliness. Door to door garbage collection will be done from these roads and inner city streets. For which 49 four wheelers, 54 tricycles, 34 twin bin hoppers, 9 hopper bin lifters, 8 compactors, 35 large RCs. Not provided.

In addition to the above work, two dustbins would be provided in each house in which people could dispose of wet and dry rubbish from their homes and which would be regularly lifted on a daily basis and the city would be clean and tidy for the pilgrims visiting Amritsar. . Mayor Karamjit Singh Rintu while conveying the message to the people of the city said that the Municipal Corporation on its own is making all out efforts to keep the city clean and tidy and crores of rupees worth of world class machinery has been put on the roads for the convenience of the people. That the city should be kept clean but this is possible only if the citizens give their support and keep the city clean and green.

Mr. Malwinder Singh Jaggi, Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Mr. Younis Kumar, Deputy Mayor, Mr. S.D.M. Mr. Deepak Bhatia, Councilor Vikas Soni, Councilor Mahesh Khanna, Councilor Dalbir Singh Manmanke, Councilor Jatinder Sonia, Sunil Konti, Paramjit Chopra, Sarabjit Latti, Gurdev Singh Dara, Iqbal Sherry besides Municipal Health Officer Dr. Dr. Yogesh, Health Officer Sourav Chawla, all Chief Sanitary Inspectors, Sanitary Inspectors and a large number of officers and employees.

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