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Power deficit Haryana exporting power - AIPEF

VINOD GUPTA | May 01, 2022 06:15 PM

CHANDIGARH: Haryana is reeling under a severe power crisis due to an increase in power demand and non-supply of contracted power by Adani and Tata, but the state is exporting power to Gujarat, said V K Gupta Spokesperson for All India power Engineers Federation(AIPEF) .

AIPEF has written letters to R K Singh Union Power Minister on April 29 and April 24 that as per PPA 1424 MW of power was to be supplied by Adani Power as per agreement with Haryana Discoms for 25 years, but for the last eight months, there has been no supply of power to Haryana at the delivery point in Mohindergarh.
Instead, the same transmission line is being used to export 487 MW to Gujarat.

V K Gupta said that as per the northern regional load dispatch center and Western regional load dispatch center (WRLDC) daily reports, Haryana has incurred a shortage of 1720 lakh units during the period from April 9 to 27. During the same period, it exported 2126 lakh units to Gujarat. Had this not been done the energy shortage of
Haryana would have been completely wiped out.

As per the record, there was zero power shortage in Gujarat when Haryana was exporting power to Gujarat and Haryana was facing crippling power shortages. Haryana has been exporting 116 lakh units daily on average to Gujarat.

On Saturday the demand in the state was 2049 lakh units and the power shortage was 252 lakh units with a supply of 1797 lakh units. The evening peak time shortage was 1238 MW and during night time the shortage increased to 2100 MW, AIPEF writes in its letters that it is understood that Haryana would also have to pay its share of operation and maintenance charges of this line which is already being operated to the disadvantage of Haryana and for the undue benefit to Gujarat.

The HVDC line was a part and parcel of the generation project since this line was constructed so as to deliver the contracted power to 1424 MW from Mundra, to the receiving power at Mohindergarh..

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