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Understanding the symbolism behind Save the Blues, Spread the Greens, and Donate the Red

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | December 10, 2022 02:01 PM

Save Water, Promote Nature, Donate Blood
By Atul Malikram
We all have seen or heard the above phrases many times in our life. But, what if I say there is a hidden meaning behind these phrases, that is still unknown to many people? You may think you are well-acquainted with these words, but the real meanings behind these phrases are still out of the grasp of many.
‘Save Water' is the most common phrase that we come across almost every day. Save water or Save the ‘blues’, as they say. But do you know that the word ‘blue’ also represents the vulnerable section of our society? People for whom life is an endless struggle. Poverty is hunger. Poverty is a lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and not being able to see a doctor. Save the blues indicate saving these people from their misery. Often, we forget that what they need is our empathy, not sympathy. They do not need us to spoon-fed them money or other materialistic things. What they need is proper opportunities to make their life better. All the members of our society need to come together to provide such opportunities to help them reach their potential.
Now, let’s talk about Promote Nature or Spread the Green. While the green color means the environment around us, it also symbolizes the Muslim religion. Constituting the largest religious minority, India's Muslim population is dispersed throughout the country. A glimpse into the past, and you will find many Muslim rulers, politicians, artisans, etc have made their name on the global scale. But, in recent times, it seems like their progress has been shunted. In the current scenario, they need proper education facilities, opportunities, and platforms to prove themselves to get back the glory of their past.
Just like the last two phrases, Donate blood also has a hidden meaning. Here blood indicates red color which further represents our Hindu culture. Hindu scriptures affirm that serving humanity is equal to serving God. According to Bhagavad Gita, a gift that is given without any expectation of appreciation or reward is beneficial to both the giver and recipient. The practice of anna dana is common in all sections of Indian society. Some people organize a special meal for the needy, or donate to a charitable cause, in memory of the deceased.
Acknowledging the importance of these phrases, if we can understand the hidden meanings behind them, then not only the poor sections can be brought out of the pit of poverty, but wonderful the artisans and talents can get back their identity, and also at the same time, we can keep alive the tradition of the charity, and appreciate its significance in our lives.

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