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The Complete Buying Guide: All You Need to Know About Rolex  

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | May 19, 2021 05:51 PM

Rolex is a luxury watch brand that the majority of watch enthusiasts respect, value, and admire. It offers timepieces that take the role beyond that of a mere timekeeper. It has now become a symbol of your status in life. It means that other people may consider you successful in your career when they see you wear a Rolex watch. It is a brand whose name is always the talk of the town in the watch industry. They often associate it with luxury and interchange it with quality. With its strong presence in the industry, it is now the leading watch manufacturer worldwide. In fact, it produces over 2 000 watches per day with annual sales of more than $7 billion. If you are planning to buy a watch from this brand you must first have an in-depth understanding of its history, as well as its manufactured timepieces. 

The history of Rolex

It is not for nothing that Rolex is one of the top Swiss watchmaking companies today. It has a very interesting history that extends way back to 1905. It was the year when German manufacturers, namely Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the company in England. Most of their manufactured pocket watches had the “W&D” hallmark inside the case back. However, these are already extremely rare today and if you find one, it will come at a very affordable price. 

The evolution of the brand’s name

The company started using the name Rolex in 1915 because people can easily pronounce it regardless of their languages. In addition to this, its spelling is short enough that it can easily fit on watch cases. Over the years, Rolex established a strong presence and good reputation in the global market. It even became the leader in the evolution of wristwatches due to its constant release of watch collections with innovative materials, designs, and complications. It also launched several industry firsts. In 1910, the company received chronometer certification that was the first-ever awarded to a wristwatch. 10 years after that, the official name of the company turned to Montres Rolex S.A. and later on became Rolex S.A. 

Notable timepieces through the years

Rolex Oyster had a great contribution to the popularity of Rolex in 1926. It was the first wristwatch that was dustproof and waterproof with a durable case that can protect its delicate movements. All Rolex Oyster models can withstand water with a depth of at least 100 meters which is perfect for professional divers. After this collection, the company released the Rolex Explorer in 1953 with higher durability, double waterproofing, and a bracelet made from all-steel materials. A year later, Rolex GMT Master entered the market as a dual-time watch that was best for flight crews. In 1956, the Day-date which was a true technological marvel became available to the public. It has a dial that can display the day and date automatically. Its new models today have new internal advancements which include a new number system and a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches. 

When you wear a Rolex watch, you are not just wearing a time-telling tool, not the world’s most popular luxury watch brands. You are also wearing a piece of the horological history that not every watch manufacturer has. 

Buying a Rolex watch as an Investment

Due to the impressive design elements and finest materials used by Rolex, it is among the few brands that can hold higher value in the future. A lot of people in the secondary market are willing to pay a premium price for a Rolex watch as long as it is still in excellent condition. They feel like their collection of watches is incomplete without one from this brand. GMT Master, Day-Date, Daytona, Submariner, and Yachtmaster are some of the models that offer good resale value.

The most popular Rolex watches today

The Rolex watches that are most popular today have similar characteristics. It tells so much about the market's wants and needs in terms of timepieces. They all have a sleek and stylish appearance made from durable materials ensuring that they can last for a long time. 

  • Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner was originally for diving enthusiasts but it is now widely used by Hollywood celebrities and hip-hop musicians. The older versions can withstand the condition underwater with a depth of up to 330 feet. Today’s new models can now survive in water with a depth of up to 1 000 feet. This advancement became possible because of the company’s commitment to innovation and research. The most popular models under the collection are Submariner Green, Submariner No Date, and Submariner Ceramic.

  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The production of Rolex Cosmograph Daytona started in 1963 to cater to the needs of racecar drivers. After several years, it became the most well-known men’s Rolex model due to its bold and masculine aesthetics. When you purchase it, you will enjoy a highly accurate watch with a reliable tachymeter. Besides that, it has chronograph scales that can help measure the speed of the racer up to 400 kilometers per hour. 

  • Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master entered the market in 1992 and it instantly became one of the must-haves of watch collectors because of its stylish appearance and functionality. It is waterproof with large hands and numbers that will help you check the time easily. There are now several newer models with varying designs to suit a lot of preferences and tastes. 

  • Rolex President

If you want to purchase the company’s most iconic and luxurious models, then it is best to check out Rolex President. The company named it after US president Eisenhower. By just the sight of its stainless steel sleek and gleaming gold case, one can instantly infer that is the watch for the royalties.

  • Rolex Datejust

The introduction of Rolex Datejust happened in 1945 which was the first watch with a date complication and self-winding capability. You can choose from an incredible array of finishes, a wide range of stunning colors, and versions with or without diamonds. The Datejust is one of the best options if you are looking for a casual and everyday watch.

In Conclusion

After reading, you probably realized that Rolex does not manufacture watches without something new to offer. It aims to always provide the market with innovative timepieces capable of performing other functions besides telling the time. If you plan to buy one from the brand, visit to have a closer look at its models!

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