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Punjabi gamers playing a part in the rise of smartphone gaming

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | July 06, 2021 10:06 PM

It is certainly no secret that the smartphone games we have access to in today’s advanced technology-based world have never been so impressive. In fact, for the average gamer from the Punjab region, smartphone gaming is a popular go-to option when boredom sets in. Gaming on a miniature handheld device is popular in nearly every corner of the globe, too. 

In the US, in 2020, mobile gaming revenues went up to a record $10.73 billion. There were also over 80 billion downloads and a staggering 18% year-on-year growth. Mobile games have certainly become an integral entertainment tool for the average person of today, but why? 

Gaming on the go 

Arguably the biggest factor behind the surge in popularity of smartphone gaming has to be down to its portability factor. Not only does the average person possess a smartphone device, but the games can be accessed within seconds. Some people turn to AppStore and Google Play to download titles, while others might surf the web to find games and make use of free spins at an online casino in India. These types of games are generally easy to grasp, they can be picked up and put down throughout the day, and they provide the fun and entertainment that many other gaming options don’t, especially for certain target audiences. Children adore augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, while adults can’t get enough brain training games and puzzle releases. 

There is a game for practically everyone, opening up smartphone gaming to an entirely new audience in the process. The same can’t be said of console gaming, with newly-released consoles like the PlayStation 5 boasting amazing graphics and detailed games, which is a plus to the average gamer, but a daunting proposition to people who don’t regard themselves as dedicated gamers. Not only do console games require the time and attention most smartphone titles don’t, but they’re harder to play and can have a competitive element that doesn’t appeal to people who want to have some simple fun. 

The games keep on improving 

 Another key reason why people from the Punjab region are turning to smartphone gaming to wind down in the evenings or while on a morning commute to work is that the games we can now access on our small handheld devices have never been so advanced. Thanks to constant innovation made in our smartphones, the games have improved dramatically as a result. Instead of accessing old-school classics such as Snake and Tetris, smartphone gamers can sample console-quality titles which offer the type of graphics, sound effects and general gameplay which has never been seen before on a mobile phone. 

Titles such as Fortnite and PUBG are just two options that have successfully transitioned over to mobile, alongside a whole selection of other superb console titles. Then there are magnificent augmented reality releases like Pokemon Go, virtual reality hits like VR Noir and others, and a range of other games which smartphone users are playing on a daily basis. These types of games can be enjoyed even further with additional accessories, such as joysticks or headphones, as smartphone gaming’s all-around offering continues to reach new heights.

Affordable entertainment

 Arguably the most important factor of all, especially in the Punjab region, is that smartphone gaming doesn’t break the bank. Most people make use of a smartphone device in the modern-day anyway, so these types of games essentially come with one. You can download an array of titles or surf the web for games, and most of them are free or incredibly cheap. The same doesn’t apply to console gaming.

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