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Glashutte Original Watches: Refined Timepieces You Don’t Want to Miss 

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 14, 2021 12:41 PM

Glashutte Original has been in the industry of watchmaking since 1845. It may not be as popular as other luxury watches. Still, this German brand stood up with its superb craftsmanship and innovation. It had established its name as an independent watch company in the town of Glashutte. The traditions they have settled are still applied together with the new technology they use to create masterpieces.

It is a “manufactory” as this term refers to a watchmaking company that can manufacture independently. The production is done by hand. Only a few watchmakers can manufacture in-house watches, and Glashutte Original is one of them. They have produced timepieces with their design of individual components, making them a remarkable brand for authenticity and timeless beauty! 

Want to know more about this exquisite clock? Below are the details of the features and exceptional models of Glashutte Original.

The Six Core Values

This German brand always carries the six core values in producing Glashutte Original watches. They combine this with the modern technology they have today to come up with excellent quality and originality. You would feel these core values come to life when you wear any Glashutte original watch.

  • Excellence. The “Made in Germany” seal boasts its origin and excellent German engineering, including precision and durability.
  • Modernity. Glashutte always sees that their brand has applied the state of the art technology and innovative designs in their watches.
  • Originality. It refers to the genuineness of its brand that performs creativity all the time. They produce timepieces with depth and authenticity using their in-house components.
  • Tradition. With Glashuttes’s history of more than 175 years, its traditional watchmaking has become its foundation and legacy in manufacturing the watches.
  • Exclusivity. Each model’s production does not exceed more than a few hundred, even the limited edition and best sellers. Thus, it makes Glashutte exclusive for each owner as few people can purchase these exquisite timepieces.
  • Beauty. It is a must in Glashutte that the inner and outer beauty of its watch is manufactured uniquely.

The Traditional Features 

Glashutte Original features are based on its traditional high-quality standards, including the designs and the movement components’ decorations. Their craftsmen are very talented in performing the excellent process of watchmaking.

Three-quarter plate 

Since 1864, it has used a wheel bridge instead of the bridges and cocks used by Swiss watchmakers. This wheel bridge covers three-quarters of the movement’s surface. Other elements, such as the spring barrel and escape wheel, are also protected, making the structure more stable.

Swan-neck adjustment

It is called such because of its swan-like shape. Since 1888, this feature has governed the watch and its fine adjustments, including stainless steel spring and a regular pointer. 

Screw balance

This part refers to as the heart of the watch. The screw balance, which regulates the gear train process, comprises the balance wheel, plateau, balance spring, and balance staff.

Hand engraving

Each minute space features a high-quality hand engraving. Because the craftsmen never use a pre-stenciled pattern, the cocks and balance have distinctive hand-engraving.

Stripe finish

It's a fine, striped finish that adorns the watch's movement. Ribbing stripes are applied to the rotor, cocks, and wheel bridges during the luxurious process.

Screw-mounted Gold Chatons

It is the 18k gold bed on which the pivot bearings and jewels are installed. It is secured with two or three screws in special drillings in the wheel bridge.


Perlage is a common Glashutte Original surface embellishment. It consists of overlapping, pearl-shaped circles created by a rotating rubber peg covered in diamond powder. This exceptional diamond powder is applied by hand to the surface.

Sunburst decoration

The Glashutte sunburst ornament, which dates from 1868, is used to decorate rotating round and flat components (ratchet wheel).


It is the method of beveling the edges of processed metal surfaces at a 45-degree angle. By densifying the body, it produces gleaming borders and embellishments as well as more resistant material.

Blued screws

When heated, these anti-corrosion tiny steel screws are hand-polished to change color from gray to yellow, brown, red, and violet tones. It is to achieve the desired, permanent blue color.

Glashutte’s Distinctive Collections

The Pano, Senator, Spezialist, Vintage, and Ladies watch collections are among the five separate watch collections offered by Glashütte Original. Each group interprets its values and spirits uniquely to meet customers’ needs while demonstrating Glashütte Original's high quality, precision, and excellent craftsmanship.

Senator Collection

The collection's elegant timepieces combine German functionality with classical design elements, as well as an eye for detail. Every watch in this collection comes with a certificate proving that it has passed a 24-day in-house performance test, guaranteeing the highest level of Glashütte quality.

Pano Collection 

It allows the designer's imagination to be seen globally. Its models have an unmistakably contemporary look. Thanks to their asymmetrical dial visuals, that has become a notable icon of this collection. All of the timepieces inherit the Panorama Date Display in the group.

Spezialist Collection 

The SeaQ diver's watch is the first model in this new collection. The models were specifically for sports and diving competitions. With excellent timing accuracy and shock resistance, the timepiece is an ideal companion for deep-sea diving. 

Vintage Collection

The models in the collection from the 1960s and 1970s have significant effects on the world until today. The dial color of this collection is well-known, particularly the most appealing orange and green design. The 60’s style is defined by the iconic dial, hands, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Arabic numerals, and diamond-cut indexes.

Lady’s Collection  

In this collection, the German label's classic beauty is reimagined in a more feminine light. This timepiece is a functional watch and jewelry in one on a woman's wrist, with mother-of-pearl, rings, and diamonds adorning the dial.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, a Glashutte Original watch is quite a precious possession to have. It portrays elegance and uniqueness, emphasizing its exclusivity. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by it? You can find the alluring designs of this timepiece that is just right for you at The Watch Company. Get yours now!

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