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RBU educational trip to Mussorie

October 04, 2019 04:31 PM

MOHALI: The Department of Life-Sciences, Rayat Bahra University organised a three-day educational trip to Mussorie to inculcate the expediency of the academic concepts of Botany among the students.

Dr Simerjit Kaur Head of the Department of Life Sciences, said that as a part of M.Sc. and B.Sc. curriculum, students visited Mussoorie to explore the flora and ecology of the region.

The students were accompanied by faculty members Dr Amita Mahajan, Dr Sanjeev Sanyal, Dr Saroj Pradhan, Alice Sikhan, Sarabjeet Kaur, all from the Department of Life Sciences.

The students collected samples of various species of plants for herbarium collection and laboratory investigations without disturbing the ecological balance of the ecosystem under the guidance of Dr Sanjeev Sanyal and Dr Saroj Pradhan.

The students also collected algal samples for microscopic investigations in laboratory under the guidance of Dr Amita Mahajan. The students were explained various modes of reproduction in plants and the points of identification of the flora of the region.

They were also made aware of the threats these ecosystems had been facing due to increasing population, urbanization and industrialization; hence, students were also sensitized about their role in environment conservation.

They discussed various measures to conserve the environment and natural resources. Students were guided to follow the concept of sustainability so that these resources could be preserved for the future generations also.

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