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NAPA strongly condemned the killing of Sikh family in Merced city of California

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | October 07, 2022 12:45 AM

JALANDHAR: Killing and attcking on the members of Sikh Community is becoming a daily crimes against the Sikhs in one or the other corner of the United States.

This was disclosed by Satnam Singh Chahal executive director North American Punjabi Association(NAPA) in a press release issued issued here today. While condemning the killing of members of Sikh family in Merced city of California Chahal said due to daily attack on members of Sikh Community in United States.

The community is living under the shadow of fear and insecutity.There seems no end of attacks and killing of Sikh Community. It is also more than unfortunate that nothing is being done to save the lives and property it is becoming a Daily talk of the town about killing of Sikhs in United States.

While releasing the detail of killing of this Sikh Family Chahal said that that according to Sheriff Department the Police have released surveillance video in connection with the mysterious kidnapping of four family members.All four family members who were mysteriously kidnapped have been found dead in an extremely rural farm area, the Merced County sheriff said Wednesday night.

Eight-month-old Aroohi Dheri and her parents -- 27-year-old mother Jasleen Kaur and 36-year-old father Jasdeep Singh -- were taken against their will from a business in Merced County in Northern California on Monday, Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said. The baby's uncle, 39-year-old Amandeep Singh, was also kidnapped. Chahal urged the Government of India and United States to take immediate steps the stop the killing and attacks on Sikh Community.

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