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Chicago Sikh Community Serves Thanksgiving Lunch to Needy at Salvation Army

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | December 02, 2022 07:32 PM

CHICAGO:Members of the Sikh Religious Society of Chicago helped feed the needy visitors at the Salvation Army located at 825 Christiana Ave in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Food was packed and distributed to the families and individuals who came to pick up the food at the Salvation Army.

Local members of Sikh Religious Society and Sikhs from the Chicagoland area have been doing this service since 1992. This is the first time the Salvation Army had a sit down Thanksgiving lunch after the Covid19 pandemic. People from all faiths contribute money and volunteer time and labour for serving traditional meals on Thanksgiving day. It’s an honor, duty and personal satisfaction for Sikhs to feed the needy following their scripture Guru Granth Sahib's teachings;

"Jithai Neech Samaalian, Tithai Nadar Teri Bakhsees. . . . ."

"God's grace is especially present when the poor and the lowly are looked after."

A person develops a sense of humility while doing service. Service is surrendering one’s ego and giving oneself to the Guru. “By doing service one loses his egoistic nature and thereby gets respect from our creator.” Giving donations from one’s earnings is another form of Sewa (service). One must share his/her earnings with the poor and the needy people (Wand Chhaknaa). This is one of the “Three Golden Rules” of Sikhism.

“Nanak agai so milai je khate ghaale deye” . . . . . . . Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Page 472)

“Nanak Says, you get in future the reward of charity given out of your earnings, earned by hard labor.”

“Once you start doing SEWA there, you start realizing how blessed we are, who have food on table.” Many of these needy families bring their kids with them who otherwise may have not gotten any hot traditional meals at home, " said Sarwan Singh, the coordinator of this effort.

A cargo van full of canned and other food was donated to the Salvation Army by the Sikh community members and family friends. The Salvation Army prepared hot food (turkey, mash potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and bread rolls, and pumpkin pie) in their kitchen. Sikh Community members served the meals, and also collected $1400.00 and handed over the donation to Captain Nikki Hughes and Captain Corey Hughes of Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army thanked the members of Sikh Community for their contribution of the pantry food and the cash. Needy families also come during the weekdays to get food from the pantry located at the same location.

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