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Renuka Sondhi takes the world by her art works

Y.S.RANA | July 14, 2020 09:21 PM

CHANDIGARH: During a recently organized Art competition by New York Art competition called “INSPIRATION FROM ISOLATION” Renuka Sondhi from Model Town, Yamunanagar placed herself amongst the top six top artists of the World and the only lady artist from India.

Initially, she competed and won the daily contest, then the Bi-weekly contest and then she came in the top 6 of the Competition and was awarded a one year display of her works at Agora Art gallery at Chelsea, New York. During the year, thousands of Art lovers and Art collectors will be able to see her paintings, sculptors and Prints artworks.

Readers can also see her art works at  and enjoy the same.

Giving this information during a video Press conference, Renuka said that  she was the sole Indian woman amongst the 6 selected artists and it was a rare thing that the art of an Indian was recognized at such a level in a Theme – Nature Claims Its Space. She said that she would always remain grateful for the people of Yamunanagar for giving her space and support always. She said she had lived her life near forests and understands the value of Nature and the Living Ark series is all about Nature reclaiming its space.

After losing her husband to an accident with Haryana Roadways bus in 2003 she did not lose heart and started doing Art professionally and has worked day and night to make her daughter a doctor doing MD Medicine and serving Corona victims at SN Medical College Agra awhile her handicapped son has got a job in Marketing in Dubai. She herself works in Delhi these days and devotes most of her time to Art.

The 16 Artworks selected for display for one year in Agora Gallery, New York  are The Living Ark ( 4 works), The Graceful Stripes (two works), Save me Save the World, In My Dreams, The Power Play, Intimacy, Search for Eternity and Illusions at Rest. Agora Gallery has appointed Ms. Roanna Cada as Portfolio Manager for Renuka and Mrs. Sabrina A Gilbertson as Director Marketing and Public Relations to help her out.

Renuka Sondhi Gulati, eminent artist and feminist painter, has been displaying  her  paintings and sculptures at various cities and niche herself a place in eternity of artists. Her art work explores the triumphant spirit of a woman. Renuka also seeks to portray the relationship between nature and the manmade and juxtaposes them in a harmonious milieu.

For her, the empowered female is the embodiment of 'Shakti', ready to take life on her own terms. She strives to free the female psyche from victimisation and take her to self-realisation. Her strokes and choice of colours arouse feelings and latent emotions and this shows that she has grown and matured as an artist.

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