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The best language schools in UK for foreign students

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 09, 2023 09:38 AM

Language schools in UK – education information

Language courses in the UK are the most obvious choice for learning English. There are more language schools here than in other English-speaking countries, and there are programs for everyone: company employees, students, tourists. The duration of the courses varies from 1 week to a year.

The curriculum in UK schools is focused on maximum language immersion: even primary-level students communicate only in English in lessons. This method of teaching is called communicative and allows you to master a spoken language faster than when students perform endless grammar exercises and memorize words.

Advantages of studying in international language schools in UK

  • A wide choice of cities and schools

There are more English courses in the UK than in any other country: about 360 language schools in 87 cities. For comparison, there are 310 in the USA, and 225 - in Canada.

  • A variety of courses

For student’s attention courses of Business English, standard, English for professionals, preparation for international exams, summer courses are offered.

  • Start of classes

Most language schools recruit new students for standard courses every week. Thanks to this, you can start studying at any time.

Effective programs in Top English language schools in UK

  • Afternoon 10, General English, Semi-intensive English and Intensive English differ from each other in intensity and have no special features.
  • The foreign students can also buy individual lessons in addition to the standard course within the framework of the English Plus program.
  • Academic Semester / Year can also be attributed to standard courses, but they last longer — from 24 weeks. The advantage of this program is its duration: the longer you stay in the country of the language, the better develop your skills and fluency of speech. 
  • Academic English is aimed at the development of Academic English. These are the skills that help students to better assimilate the material at the university: reading scientific publications (academic reading), writing essays, articles and reports (academic writing), conducting presentations.
  • English for work course will help to develop communication skills in the work environment. Business correspondence, negotiations, communication with colleagues, reports — you work out all these situations as part of the course. In addition, you can find specialized Medical English and English for Law programs where you study professional vocabulary.
  • Business English prepares for a career in an international environment. During the course, the foreign students will master the language in the areas of crisis management, team building, finance, international business, ethics and corporate social responsibility. The format of Business English depends on the school: there are classes in mini groups, individual lessons, and the LSI centre offers an intensive course 9 Day Compact (82-92 lessons in 9 days).
  • English in the city is designed for those who want not only to learn English in class, but also to practice it in a natural environment. Students of this course study a certain topic in class during the week, and on weekends consolidate their knowledge in practice by visiting various places in the city and communicating with local people. For example, if the theme of the week is art and culture, then the extracurricular lesson takes place in a museum or gallery.

Enrolment requirements in the best language schools in UK

To enrol in standard language schools in England, it is not necessary to know the language. Upon arrival at the school, the student takes a test. Depending on the result, the students are assigned to a suitable group. In case of choosing the program of Business English, preparation for international exams and Pathway, it is necessary to know English at level of B1-B2.

Groups in language schools usually start every Monday. But the information about the beginning of the course should be specified on the website, since depending on the center and the program, the dates may vary.

Depending on the school, you need to pay either a registration fee (about 77 USD) or a deposit (238-298 USD). The deposit amount is deducted from the basic cost of the course. If you decide to cancel the booking, the registration fee and the deposit will not be refunded.

It is more difficult to enroll in Pathway programs, since the requirements are stricter: you need to finish 11 grades of a secondary school and pass IELTS for 4.0-5.5 points. Additionally, the student must send a package of documents together with the registration form.

The list of following documents is necessary to provide:

  • Copy of passport
  • Certificate of passing the language exam included in the SET (Secure English level test) group (IELTS UKVI is most often taken)
  • A document of previous education and an attachment with grades translated into English.

Language schools in UK fees

The cost of the educational program depends on its specifics, intensity (number of classes), and the price may vary depending on the season (please note that in the summer months, an additional surcharge is most often applied).

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