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Enactus SSBUICET team of PU orchestrates a memorable farewell, bidding farewell to previous cabinet

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 08, 2024 09:10 PM

CHANDIGARH: Enactus SSBUICET Panjab University, the esteemed student chapter of the global Enactus organization hosted its Valedictory Function marking the culmination of a year filled with impactful projects and extraordinary achievements. Enactus team has consistently demonstrated its commitment to entrepreneurial action and sustainable development, showcasing innovative projects that address pressing social, economic and environmental challenges.

This year’s valedictory function promised a celebration of the hard work, dedication and ingenuity exhibited by the previous cabinet members throughout the year, conveyed Prof. Seema Kapoor, Faculty Advisor of Enactus team and State Vice president of Corporate Sustainability Council, Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CSC WICCI), Chandigarh.

The delightful event was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Anupama Sharma, Chairperson of Dr. SSBUICET Panjab University and Dr. Twinkle Bedi. Prof. Anupama extended her gratitude to the previous cabinet for their service during the tenure of 2022-23, conveying her best wishes for their future endeavors. She offered her blessings for their journey ahead, wishing them abundant success, happiness and fulfillment, with paths paved with prosperity. Dr. Bedi also acknowledged the significant impact of the wisdom of all the previous cabinet members in shaping the current cabinet, both personally and professionally.

Prof. Kapoor conveyed her sincere appreciation to every former cabinet member, emphasizing that each one had made invaluable contributions, leaving an enduring mark. She praised their exemplary execution of their respective duties, noting the impeccable manner in which they fulfilled their roles as cabinet members.

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