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GATE 2019: Tricks followed by toppers to ace the exam

January 23, 2019 01:08 PM

GATE is one of the crucial entrance tests for availing admission to the postgraduate courses of engineering in top colleges across India. However, the tension of being well abreast with GATE Syllabus 2019 and how to crack the examwill keep lurking in the air. And thus, here we offer top tricks and tips from followed by toppers in order to ace the examination:

Read below to know what are the top 10 strategies that can lead you to the throne of success and ease cracking the paper.

Be Abreast with the Syllabus

The foremost of everything, before starting the actual prep for the exam is being well abreast with the syllabus. So, it is utmost necessary to be abreast with the actual syllabus of GATE before beginning the preparation. Check on the Internet and get a good idea of the syllabus.

Start with Easy Subjects

Once you are well abreast with theGATE Syllabus 2019, the next stop is sorting subjects which are easy to difficult. Often students start preparing with the ones which are difficult, giving the least time to those which can be easily covered. This leaves them with less time to revise subjects that are easier. Hence states toppers, cover subjects which are easier and takes lesser time. And later opt for the ones which are difficult so as to render enough time in its preparation.

Study Material

Often students opt for different books by varied authors thus messing up with the syllabus. Hence it is suggested by toppers to opt for at least one or two books and not every book in the market. One can also opt for online books, audio lectures so as to gain a good understanding.

Solve and Revise questions every day

Do not waste time just preparing theories. GATE examination is more objective based and hence students must continuously solve at least 14 to 15 questions each day so as to know how well you have understood the theory you have learned.

States toppers, if you solve questions, then you will be able to understand the topic effectively but during the exam will be able to solve them much faster.

Study along with a group

When you study alone you may have your concentration diverted but when studying with a group, you can cover more subjects. As per research, group study aids in learning time management, solve more questions together, be more motivated, discuss the subjects, gain more idea and much more.

Participate in Mock Tests

Often students worry regarding how they are going to perform in the actual exam. Hence to ease the tension of students are plenty of test series and mock tests available online. Solving mock tests online will help to know the type of questions and how to answer them quickly using shortcut tricks and tips.

Revise Again

When one begins preparation, it is often easy to think they remember all the aspects. However, when one goes through the syllabus for the second time, you will understand you still need to retain more facts and are not fully acquainted with the subject. Hence, in order to be well accustomed to the subject and be on the same page, revise it periodically in every two weeks so as to retain as many facts as possible.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice makes one perfect. Practice as much as possible. Practice revision booklets, take up online test series, mock tests and much more. Keep practicing throughout the preparation and solve as many questions as possible.

Solve previous year papers

Previous year papers give a good idea about the kind of questions that can be expected in the examination. In addition, one can also gain a good idea about which section in the subject carries more weight in order put in more efforts and understand one’s strength and weakness.

Do not study a month before the exam

One month before the exam, keep all your books away and only solve papers. Do not continue with the preparation or learn any new theories as it will only leave one much confused. So, keep your books away and chill. Revise what’s learned and keep yourself calm for the exam.

Follow the mentioned 10 steps and make the best of your preparation so as to crack the exam with flying colors.

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