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PDFBear’s Beginner Guide: How to Delete PDF Pages Easily?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 14, 2021 12:20 PM

Working from home might be extra difficult if you are not a technologically inclined person. You have no other choice but to adapt to the changing business landscape. Instead of going to the office, you now resort to meeting virtually using Zoom or other communication platforms. You now use electronic documents instead of printed ones. But a lot of people encounter difficulties when managing these kinds of files. 

For sure, you own a document that contains unnecessary pages that you might want to scrape off. For instance, you may have a PDF with 100 pages but you only need 20 of those. It is such a waste of the device's memory. To get rid of the other pages, you can use PDFBear. It is an online-based tool that will grant you your wish of deleting unused pages of a document. 

Let’s first explore what PDFBear is!

PDFBear is a website that focuses primarily on solving PDF-related problems. It can delete pages from PDF, repair a corrupted document, merge multiple files, and more! Even though it offers functional tools, it does not require users to pay any amount of money. If you wish to know the full extent of its capabilities, you can avail of its affordable monthly subscription.  

  1. Compatible with all browsers and platforms

The type of device and browser will not hinder you from accessing the website. It is compatible with all kinds of devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. You can use any type of browser that you are most comfortable with. In terms of operating systems, the tool works smoothly on Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

  1. Strictly implement its privacy policy

It is understandable to feel unsafe when using online-based tools. Most websites do not reveal how they process the uploaded files. It makes you wonder where they store them. Moreover, you probably want to know how they secure the information the document contains. All of these doubts and uncertainties are not present when you use PDFBear. It included in its privacy policy the steps it takes to ensure the safety of your files. It has a security system that deletes all the files you place on its server after an hour. Knowing that the website erases its copy of your confidential documents will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

  1. Delete PDF pages as quickly as possible

Time is one of your mortal enemies when submitting a requirement. You should beat the deadline at all times so that your boss will have a good impression of you. But it is not possible if you will utilize online tools that consume more than half of your day just to delete PDF pages.  

PDFBear is different from them because it functions with a sense of urgency. Whenever you want to delete unnecessary pages of a document, do it using its website. It will take less than a minute for the page removal tool to delete the selected pages. 

  1. Operates using the cloud system

Online tools operating using a cloud system will not use even a little bit of your device’s memory. Every process you do on the website happens within the cloud. There is no need to install any applications or software to utilize its services. It is most helpful to people with very limited device capacity.  

How to Delete PDF pages using PDFBear?

Most people consider it a laborious task to perform. They have this assumption because they are using the wrong and complicated tool. Deleting PDF pages using PDFBear is as easy as counting numbers. The process is pretty elementary that every new user can understand. Give yourself a favor and use this website to increase your efficiency.   

The website can assist you in deleting unused pages of a PDF document with utmost convenience. Below are the steps you must take to prevent you from running around in circles when using its page removal tool. 

  1. Pick the document from your computer and upload it to the website. There are two ways you can do this. The first is by clicking the select a file option. The second is by dropping the file on the toolbox to start uploading. Choose the one that entails less effort.
  2. Once you successfully upload the document on the website, it will ask you to select the pages you want to delete. You can manually select the pages or enter the page numbers on the designated box. After doing it, you must click the “apply changes” button.
  3. The page removal tool will immediately start the process. Wait for it to finish creating the new version of the document.
  4. Click the download option to save it on your device. You can also save it on your google drive or dropbox for easy access when using another device. 

More features you can enjoy using PDFBear

PDFBear has a lot of functional tools to offer. It is not the usual tool that only focuses on one function. A lot of people consider it as an all-in-one solution to all their PDF-related problems. Take a look at the list of additional features below that you can enjoy using the website.  

  1. Merge PDF files

If you have multiple PDF files that you wish to combine, PDFBear can also do it for you. It has a merge PDF tool that you can use anytime you need. Combining documents makes your work as organized as possible. If you practice making use of this feature, you will find yourself working more productively.  

  1. Repair PDF

Corrupted documents are no joke. It prohibits you from accessing the content of the document which you allotted time and effort to make. PDFBear has a repair PDF tool that will attempt to recover these corrupted documents. However, certain files are unrecoverable but it is always worth a try. Trying is better than doing nothing at all. 

  1. Convert documents

PDFBear has an exceptional converter tool capable of converting all types of documents. You can convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, JPG, or HTML. The website also gives you the power to convert them back to their original file format. 

In Conclusion

Owing to technological advancements like PDFBear can make your life less stressful. It has an easy and quick page converter tool that will save you a considerable amount of time. Access it now for better and long-lasting solutions to your seemingly inexplicable PDF-related problems.

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