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How complex blockchain technology is

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | July 22, 2022 08:07 PM

To begin with, blockchain is not just cryptocurrency. It is a huge system that includes primarily technologies that can help businesses, from deliveries and their tracking to the authentication of goods in international shipments.

The impetus for blockchain technology development was the pandemic, which allowed it to be implemented in business processes, and referring to the PwC forecasts, we can note that global GDP will increase in its equivalent by 1.7 trillion due to blockchain technology already by 2030.

Where can BT be used?

Breaking down the essence itself and giving the terminology, it is worth noting that blockchain, if you break it down into individual words, is a chain of blocks that are made up of information. Nobody is able to delete such information or change it, and it can only be supplemented. And one important feature of blockchain is that it is decentralized, because all information is not stored on a single server, but is distributed among many servers which do not connected . Moreover, it means that information cannot be deleted. If you erase it on one computer, it will be stored on many others.

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And considering the positive features and possibilities of BT, it is worth noting that first of all you get confidentiality and very high speed of any financial transactions and most importantly all this happens without intermediaries.

And if one wants to use it inside one company, it will be impossible to do it, because in full scale all possibilities of BT functions will be available only with a huge quantity of participants inside this system.

How much does a blockchain project cost?

Of course, everything depends on the scale of the project and the scale of companies and, of course, first of all, the purpose of development of this project.

For example, if we consider a standard smart contract in order to automatically sign an agreement in the blog-chain system, it may cost from $300 to $1500. If you want to create something like Uber, that will take a lot of time and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And if we are talking about the most expensive projects they can be developed on the basis of material physical assets. For example, it is the energy sector, legal sector or other economic variations. Most often the states or large corporations do such orders.

The tasks which can be solved by BT

As said before, this system will allow a user to confirm the authenticity of the goods and their origin.

The second is the security and clear transparency of transactions. Thus, the fraudsters operating in cyberspace no longer have the access that would allow them to break into the system.

What kind of difficulties can there be?

No matter how advanced the world of BT is, the market can still offer only scattered variations of provisioning and technology creation. For example, if you need to track and organize the delivery and you are going to do that in the future, in addition to the safety that BT can provide, you will need an interface and certain processes and mechanisms through which the communication will happen.

What is the result?

Blockchain is an progressive system, but it is not a universal solution to all challenges. Blockchain improves some processes and is useless for others.

Each blockchain solution is individual and is created to meet the needs of a specific business. Therefore, the development of solutions is a promising industry worth learning from. Technology bloggers on Instagram can provide you with information considering Blockchain and Blockchain technology. And people are so interested in the topic that most of the bloggers are not considering it valuable to buy Instagram followers to get more popular. 

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