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GitHub Copilot available for business with new OpenAI model

IANS | February 15, 2023 01:17 PM

NEW DELHI: Microsoft-owned open source developer platform GitHub on Wednesday announced that its Copilot for Business is available to every developer, team, organisation, and enterprise with the new OpenAI model and AI-based security.

GitHub Copilot is the world's first at-scale AI developer tool, which was first previewed in partnership with OpenAI in 2021, said the company.

"Over 400+ organisations are already using GitHub Copilot. Now, with GitHub Copilot for Business, we're opening it up to every developer, team, organisation and enterprise. We're also introducing a more advanced OpenAI model and new capabilities to bring even greater benefits to organizations, " Thomas Dohmke, GitHub CEO, said in a statement.

"In the coming years, we will integrate AI into every aspect of the developer experience - from coding to the pull request to code deployments for developers to build their best in a world where all organisations will be more dependent on their success than ever, " he added.

Github Copilot for Business with new capabilities offers -- more powerful AI model, AI-based security vulnerability filtering, VPN proxy support, and simple sign-up.

Moreover, the company mentioned that its research shows that 90 per cent of developers using GitHub Copilot report completing tasks faster, with 73 per cent better able to stay in the flow and conserve mental energy.

It also found that up to 75 per cent of developers who use GitHub Copilot feel more fulfilled and able to focus on more satisfying work.

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