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Pros and Cons of the Rise of T20 Cricket

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | April 16, 2021 04:57 PM

The craze of cricket and its variations! Everything about the sport is just wow. This is what makes cricket lovers fond of exploring each and every aspect associated with the game. Starting from the origin of the game to knowing the pros and cons of each form of the sport, they have a keen interest in being aware of everything related to their favourite game. 

Among multiple variants of cricket, the most common and the one that keeps a majority of the population glued to the TV screens is the T20 form. In fact, the ones who used to find themselves getting bored of the sport because of the long 50 overs game found it more convenient to enjoy their sport for 20 overs. The T20 variant revolutionised the entire world of cricket, thereby becoming one of the most sought-after forms of crickets to be preferably played across the nation.

A recent article on EastMojo indicated how gaming apps like MPL have facilitated the growth of India’s fantasy cricket industry. Of course, when cricket fans get an opportunity to involve in their favourite sports via a virtual platform, no other pleasure seems as worthy as associating with the same, isn’t it?

While some fans have found this form of cricket to be advantageous for the sports sector in many ways as it evolved, grew, and rose, a group found this variation of the sport to have a few cons too.

The Pros

When it comes to jotting down the advantages, the T20 league has not only proven the best form of the sport for cricket lovers and fans to try, but it has also changed the overall dynamics of it. This game of just 20 overs has broadened the horizons of the sports for the players as well as paved the path of the sports industry becoming the most played and preferred variant of cricket around the globe. The advantages of these leagues are as follows:

Revolutionised the game

Since the time cricket originated, it has been a game of 50 overs, a sport that was stretched for too long. With the emergence of T20, the sport became more competitive. Due to the short duration, the players know whatever they have to do should be done in those 20 overs. As a result, they keep themselves ready and physically fit for this fast-paced variant of cricket.

Handling the game of 50 overs in those 20 overs is really difficult for players but the best part is that this rule of the league has made players more efficient, focused, and determined. The T20 leagues are highly sponsored, as a result of which they are paid more than what they received earlier. Above everything else, the viewership is more for this form of cricket leagues.

Opened chances

The rising popularity of the T20 leagues has opened a lot of opportunities for many players around the globe. This tournament is action-packed and hence the audiences are very fond of enjoying the sport. It is nothing less than a visual treat for them. The overs are filled with fours, sixes, and perfect shots by the batsmen of the teams involved. Whether it is India or Australia, the T20 leagues are loved and preferred by cricket fans worldwide.

With 86 teams in the T20 rankings, this variant of cricket has proven to be one of the entities playing a vital part in maintaining the dignity and integrity of global sports.

Broadened approach

Indian T20 league has given Indian crickets an opportunity to expose their talent on a global platform. As this cricket variant has enhanced opportunities for players, a huge number of players have joined these leagues over the past few years. Some of them have performed brilliantly and gathered significant fame and popularity by playing the T20 games.

The Cons

With pros come the cons be it whatever. The same applies to the T20 leagues. Here are some of them to be jotted down:

Packed calendar

The T20 league is not only the one associated with India rather than other countries as well, including Australia. There are 86 teams always ready to hit the pitch, the cricket calendar remains packed throughout the year with one or the other T20 games going in all the time. The tournaments like IPL, etc. already continue for two months or so and the players, therefore, have to play without a proper break. As a result, they remain under pressure the entire year because of the tournaments and leagues scheduled back-to-back throughout the year.

The administrators consider players as their property and hardly realise that this packed schedule might lead to mental stress, which would ultimately affect their game.

Compromised game ethics

With T20 leagues, players gain fame and popularity quite quickly. In fact, they start considering themselves a celebrity rather than what they are meant for. This attitude of theirs makes them compromise their game ethics, which somehow affects their performance in a negative way. The increasing popularity leads them to spot-fixing issues, which are quite a common phenomenon in the T20 leagues. 

Hampering the significance of other variants

The rise of the T20 leagues be it Indian, Australian or others has hampered the importance of other forms of cricket, especially Test cricket matches. Test cricket is the form of the sport that is still considered as the most real variant of fame, but its popularity has been adversely affected. It is the form of cricket that effectively tested the temperament of the players and helped them be patient on the pitch. With the emergence of the form of sport being played and getting over in just 20 overs, the players hardly learn those basic skills.

Though there are multiple disadvantages of the rising popularity of T20 cricket, it is making cricketers more efficient, calmer, stronger, and fitter to handle the fast-paced sport. In fact, the popularity of the T20 leagues on the fantasy cricket apps is also increasing and many gamers are found collaborating with these platforms to enjoy the game by selecting their teams, and gaining points based on the performance of the team members in the real game.

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