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Hardyal Singh, progressive farmer, has been farming potatoes, maize, cucumber and sugarcane without burning crop residues for the past 7 years.

AMRIK SINGH | October 16, 2023 03:10 PM

BATIALA: Hardyal Singh, a progressive farmer of Parowal village in Gurdaspur district, has been cultivating crops such as peas, potatoes and sugarcane for the past 7 years by using crop residues (wheat, paddy and sugarcane) without setting them on fire.

Forward-thinking farmer Hardyal Singh says that incorporating crop residues into the fields has increased the fertility of his fields, which now results in higher yields.

Progressive farmer Hardyal Singh said that he has 30 acres of arable land and he along with his family has taken 15 acres on contract and is farming successfully. He said that he continues to incorporate new technologies in his farming by maintaining constant contact with the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Hardyal Singh said that due to the encouragement of the officials of the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, he did not burn his crop residue for the last 7 years and with the help of agricultural tools, he mixed wheat husk and paddy straw in the fields for the next crop. Cultivating crops.

Progressive farmer Hardyal Singh is not burning paddy and wheat crop residues, he has formed a WhatsApp group along with other progressive farmers like him and is motivating the farmers of his village and area to not set fire. Hardyal Singh's watch has led many farmers to stop setting fire like him.

Farmer Hardyal Singh has appealed to the farmers not to set fire to paddy stubble and other crop residues at all, as this will clean the environment and increase the fertility of their land, the yield will also increase.

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