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Cool Tech Gifts For Those Who Are In Love With The Latest Gadgets

Technology plays an integral part in your life, and with it comes the unique gadgets that have done a remarkable job improving our lifestyle. Apart from gadgets being life-affirming and convenient, they can resolve any number of issues over time. If you are a technology lover, you can understand their need and have seen the use of gadgets in our day-to-day life.

Why are the IPL and Cricket Betting Extremely Popular in India?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and cricket betting always go well together for the many fans of this sport in India. Even if the national sport of India is hockey, cricket is still the most-followed sport by the locals, and when it comes to their favorite time of the year, it has to be the IPL season.

Illegal casino being run in Delhi hotel busted, 14 arrested

NEW DELHI: An illegal casino being run in a leading hotel near the IGI Airport has been busted and 14, including five women, arrested, police said on Tuesday.According to police, a raid was conducted on the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mahipalpur area after receiving information that illegal gambling was going on there.

In The Crowd Of Apps, The Real Innovation Is Missing: Cute Technology Navigating Indian Technology Into An Ailment

The year 2020 created a massive storm in the Indian startup ecosystem that raised $9.3 billion; amongst these startups, the biggest gainer was hotel booking apps and food delivery apps. And the sector that reached a unicorn status- e-fashion retailer and an e-baby product company.

Google to Allow Mobile Gambling Apps on Play Store in 15 More Countries

Google has announced that gambling and betting apps will be available on its Play Store in 15 more countries from March 1, 2021. This is a significant change to the current situation where these apps are only permitted in Brazil, France, Ireland, and the UK.

What Are the Best Online Casino Games with an Indian Theme?

Online casino games have become hugely attractive to Indian players lately, with interesting themes and useful features turning these classic games into a more modern option. Indian players will find the growing number of slots and table games that are set in the country or that have a strong Indian theme particularly appealing.

Nazara Technologies and Their Recent Investment Funding  

On February 9th, 2020, Nazara Technologies announced that they’d received £1 million in funding from investors. The Mumbai-based business obtained the finances from Instant Growth Ltd prior to its proposed initial public offering (IPO). This means that the game-related company will offer some of its private shares to the public in the near future. Should this happen, it will open the door to new opportunities for Nazara Technologies. So, let’s see how they’ve adopted a casino-inspired approach in establishing themselves, and consider what the future holds. 

The Biggest Indian Casino Winners

India is one of the countries globally with the highest population. About 17.7% of the world’s population stays in the country. Thanks to this large population, India has a massive market for gambling activities and raising numbers of imps casinos. As of February 2020, the market had an estimated value of 930 million dollars, with an annual projected increase of 41%.

Privacy Issues Dent WhatsApp Reputation in India

Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, aiming to monetise better its huge customer base. Many users did not take it well and started exploring alternative options such as Telegram and Signal.

Why Technology Makes it Safer to Play Online Than Ever Before

With more people playing games online than ever before, technology has had to adapt and evolve in order to maintain safety for players. Security developers have regularly come up with innovative methods to halt hackers in their tracks. The online gaming industry in India is growing, and some players may be wary about sharing payment details on the web. But these players can rest assured that the best tech is in place to protect them.

Gaming’s Usefulness as a Means of Cultural Celebration

Moving into another country is always challenging on the mind and body, no matter who you are. To cope with the isolation we often take mementos, to give us some connection to our roots back home. There are other more active solutions that can accomplish the same thing, however, specifically in terms of interactive entertainment. If you haven't taken this route, the benefits can be significant, and well worthy of consideration.

The Turbulent Presidency: 13 books on the Trump era

NEW DELHI: Donald Trump began and served his term as US President amid controversy, polarisation and general ignorance. He is set to leave office under the shadow of an unprecedented second impeachment, with the country reeling under a devastating pandemic, its society bitterly divided and its international credibility at its lowest ebb. What do we make of it?

Live Streaming Platforms Revolutionising Entertainment Across India

iGaming India: Top International Games Bolstering US$60bn Industry

The incredibly rapid rise of smartphones and mobile internet connections across India has swiftly introduced new international industries to a large portion of the population. India boasts the second-largest, largest untapped, and one of the fastest-growing internet populations in the world, and so, many internet-based businesses are looking to get a foothold in the market.

Why Page Speed is So Important and What We Can Learn From the Casino Industry

When it comes to ranking well on Google and other search engines, we all know the importance of securing backlinks from other websites in your niche. However, there are a few on-site factors which are also important to maximizing your SEO efforts and getting as much organic traffic as possible.

China builds high-tech border fence, Myanmar unhappy

NEW DELHI: Chinas plan to construct a 2000-km high-tech border fence on its southern border has riled Myanmar. China argues that the fence will curb coronavirus spread by stopping illegal border crossings. The generals in Naypyitaw will have none of that. On the contrary, the Myanmar military has accused China of violating the 1961 border pact.

The best AR and VR apps and games for iOS and Android

When one hears the word Augmented Reality (AR), it sounds like a wild futuristic concept. But this technology is now being widely used in many applications making our life comfortable.

France reports 13,406 new Covid-19 infections

PARIS: France has registered 13,406 Covid-19 cases, pushing the tally to more than 2.35 million, data released by health authorities showed on Friday.

Why You Are Better off With Using an Online Casino Over a Land-Based One

Going to the casino can be an extremely enjoyable activity. It is the excitement of the games, the crowd, and the opportunity to win big money that make it a lot of fun. Clearly, the whole atmosphere of going to a casino is one of the more enjoyable activities for people. Even for people that are casual gamblers, they like the lights, glitz, and sounds that accompany going to the casino.

Shut down Goa casinos amid increase in Covid cases: AAP

PANAJI: Amid reports of more than a dozen persons testing positive for Covid-19 in Goa's offshore casinos, the Aam Aadmi Party on Monday demanded the closure of the industry, fearing an increase in novel coronavirus in the state.

Manmohan to head Cong panels on economy, security, foreign affairs

NEW DELHI:Congress President Sonia Gandhi has constituted three key committees of the party to formulate its strategy on issues related to economy, national security and foreign affairs -- all headed by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

5 benefits of playing Andar Bahar

Generally, most people play card games for leisure. While that is good, there are also other benefits one can enjoy. Especially when playing games like Andar Bahar card game, you don’t just pass the time; you also get emotional, mental, and social benefits. If you’ve not been playing Andar Bahar, we have listed five benefits that will motivate you to start playing today.

Focus on health infrastructure, not casinos: Goa opposition leader

PANAJI: The Goa government will better serve the people by bringing back on track the state's health infrastructure rather than opening casinos or going ahead with an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival, said Kiran Kandolkar, the newly-appointed Working President of the Goa Forward Party (GFP), on Monday.

Goa casinos to open from November 1: CM

PANAJI: The casino operations in Goa, which had been suspended on account of the Covid-19 pandemic since March this year, will restart on November 1 with 50 per cent capacity, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Wednesday.

Best Mobile Payment Apps to Use at Gambling Sites

Mobile payment apps installation and online gambling have increased immensely during the pandemic. Covid-19 has caused the world’s population to adapt to life indoors. So, it’s only natural that more people are spending many hours glued to their mobile devices. Whether they’re doing online shopping, installing game apps or gambling online, Indian citizens are using mobile payment services to pay for their online activities.

Who will win IPL? Mumbai Indians still formidable challengers

MUMBAI: The IPL 2020 which got underway with the first match between defending champion Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in Abu Dhabi on September 19 is likely to spring a few surprises.

Russian tourist charter operators express interest in Goa: Minister

PANAJI:Russian tourist charter operators have expressed interest in flight landing slots at Goa's Dabolim International Airport, for the upcoming tourism season, Ports Minister Michael Lobo said on Thursday.

How to play Andar Bahar online? Can I play it for real money?

Google Play store removes Paytm app citing gambling policy

NEW DELHI:  Google has removed digital payments major Paytm's app from its Play Store for allegedly violating its gambling policies.

How India Became one of the Top Mobile Gaming Countries

India has been the centre of attention of various tech companies and businesses for years now.
There are quite a few reasons for this – for starters, it’s a massive yet relatively young and untapped market. The potential profits for the right kind of service in India are in the billions, and the world’s biggest gaming operators are very much privy to this fact.

Websites Indians can’t get enough of

There are many websites visited by millions of Indians daily for several purposes. While some websites are only visited occasionally, there are some others that Indians keep visiting every time. These websites render services that Indians love and cannot do without.

Why Are People Choosing Online Casinos Over Land-Based Casinos?

In the last few years, online casinos have become extremely popular all around the world. Millions of people visit these sites to enjoy the latest games from some of the best game providers. Each online casino offers a lot of games; and all of them are fun and exciting to play and will provide the players with a unique experience.

Will land based casinos survive corona lockdown?

Coronavirus has put all industries to a tough position. Land based casinos are no different, although one may consider them having almost endless money supply to support themselves throughout this period. Although no one is sure what is going to happen to land based casinos, some factors are ought to be crucial in terms of survival.

India’s Digital Revolution and the State of Online Gaming

What are the best online casinos you can use in India?

Online casinos have evolved the gambling world, thus spreading throughout the world like wildfire. As a result, it has been appreciated by gamblers who find it easy to stake odds and enjoy themselves. However, the same does not apply to countries like India, a non-gambling friendly country. Regardless, that doesn't mean that the country has no gamblers who like to enjoy the game. As such, we have done our homework and compiled a detailed article on the best online casinos you can use in India?

Do French online casinos for Canadians exist?

Gambling in casinos is a very popular kind of entertainment in Canada. Canadian gambling laws, however, are considered vague and complicated. Up to date, several forms of offline gambling activities have been legalized by the country's Government. The case is the same as in other parts of the world.

Skill Gaming in India for Real Money

Indian law is quite clear when it comes to what is legal or not when it comes to betting. Betting on games of skill is legal, while betting on games of chance is illegal. Games of skill means games where you need concentration, expertise and intellectual investment. This type of game is not controlled by chance. These games are becoming increasingly popular in India, and we will discuss the most popular ones, as well as why they are becoming so successful.

The Best Online Casino Games in India

In recent years, we got to witness the rise of online casinos. They took the gambling world by storm and managed to attract millions of people around the world to their sites. Some of the best markets for online gambling are the UK, Australia, and India. The people in these countries love to wager their money online and hope to score a handsome reward.

What Can Businesses Learn From Online Casinos?

Treating your customers right will make them loyal to your company or business. However, in today’s digital era it’s difficult to get a hold of customers since there are so many businesses available online. There’s nothing stopping people from looking for the services they need from providers all over the world. So what can these struggling businesses do?

15 arrested for rioting in Goa casino hotel

PANAJI:Fifteen persons were arrested on Thursday after a mob attacked the staff at La Calypso hotel in North Goa's Calangute beach village.