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Las Vegas Experience at Live Casinos Online

July 26, 2019 10:45 AM

With online casinos offering different kinds of casino games, there is a section in most of the casino portals that makes gaming a more real like and interactive experience. Not only are the table games easy to play online, either on a desktop or mobile device, but there are live casino games that help one experience all that one would at a Las Vegas casino, in the comfort of their own home.

Live Game Sessions at Online Casino Portals

Just like the brick and mortar casinos the live sections in online portals have games produced in professional studio settings, similar to movies. With dealers interacting with players and often multiple player sessions taking place simultaneously, the games are conducted as they would be, at a casino with players sitting next to each other. Table games are known to have higher RTPs than slots which promise greater returns to players. Statistics findings show that paybacks obtained in live casino sessions are similar to brick and mortar casinos.

Most of the known game providers in the industry have developer expertise in the live casino streaming technology. These are known to be popular and reputed and form the basis of most of the live casino sessions that you will find such as Leo Vegas live casino online.

How these Games are Conducted?

Usually one needs to be a member at a casino portal in order to access the live games section. These are run real-time and conducted by human dealers. Players simply need to log in and activate the game sessions by the click of a button. It has also become possible for Indian people to play casino online. This leads to activating the games where dealers take the players step by step through the sessions and rounds. If one is a beginner they are provided rules and instructions after which the game sessions are conducted.

The software technology used in these game sessions called Optical Character Recognition or OCR. That makes the physical transactions of the dealer seem real-time and precise. The player can imagine that they are sitting in front of the dealer and getting dealt the different cards or game rounds as it would be at a casino. Results are also showcased by the dealer and consequent rounds in the games.

How Live Games are Produced?

The live game sessions filmed in the studio settings require additional investment in technology and staff, unlike the digital versions of the games available in other sections of a gambling portal. Casino studio usually employs a pit boss, an information technology expert, croupiers, and cameraman. Expenses are accordingly higher to manage the staff, provide real-time gambling sessions or rounds for the players as well as for conducting multiplayer real-time rounds. Virtual games and their costs are lower in comparison.

With most software brands enabling the live streaming technology, it has become possible for most portals to include such a section in their array of games. These sessions have gained popularity over time, as most players prefer to try live dealer games that are interactive and engaging unlike the digital ones that simply require one to play solo.

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