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The Biggest Indian Casino Winners

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | February 16, 2021 10:44 AM

India is one of the countries globally with the highest population. About 17.7% of the world’s population stays in the country. Thanks to this large population, India has a massive market for gambling activities and raising numbers of imps casinos. As of February 2020, the market had an estimated value of 930 million dollars, with an annual projected increase of 41%.

Naturally, people gamble for various reasons. With more than 560 million punters in India alone, massive wins seem to be a substantial contributing factor. In this piece, we will take a look at some of India’s biggest casino winners and details of their victories.

1. The Patels

Ashok and Kirti, two married doctors, decided to take a chance with lottery tickets in 2008. Little did they know, the little decision was going to change their lives forever. With this ticket, the Patels won a massive Rs 8 crores (about 1 million dollars). As of 2008, it was the largest jackpot ever won in the city of Mumbai.

Being doctors, it wasn’t a surprise that the Patels put the money to fair use. After they received the money from their lottery win, the Patels moved from Mumbai to another area in India. The couple also enrolled their children in better schools and travelled to see the world.

2.   Laarni Bible

What will you do if you won half a billion dollars? While you wonder and fantasize, Laarni Bible was about to answer that question in 2019. The Indian won the jackpot after she played the Mega Millions slot. At the time, she won a little over 550 million dollars.

With half a million she was probably awe-struck as it took a while before she claimed the prize. After winning the prize, she took to private life in spending her money. Whatever her reason was, it seems to be paying off as no one knows anything about her since she won. 

3.   RP Manoharan

Winning a lottery might seem easy, but winning twice; that’s some miracle. It’s so rare; mathematicians say your chances are four in one billion. How convenient?

But then, against the odds, RP Manoharan has pulled an impossible feat.  Manoharan happens to be the only person in the whole of India to win the lottery not even twice but three times. Manoharan started his streak of fortune in 2017 when he won Rs 65lakh. He promptly invested the money in his business.

Like that wasn’t enough, he won Rs 70 lakh some months later. The second winning went into renovations of his home. Speak of being lucky, after about a year; he won another Rs 70 lakh.

In total, Manoharan won Rs 205 lakh from lotteries. However, this didn’t come easy. Manoharan himself confirmed that he spends around Rs 5000 on lottery tickets every month. Interestingly, he had been doing this since he was old enough to play.

So, the next time you think of Manoharan, think of consistency rather than luck. While you think, one question lingers in the minds of everyone. That is, will Manoharan win a fourth time? Well, time will tell.

4.   Mojiful Sheikh 

In Manoharan’s story did not make you believe in miracles, here is another one. Before hitting the lottery, Mojiful was an Indian needing money to get a home for his family. He took to lottery one day in hopes that he could make enough money to do that.

Mojful bought the ticket that day with all the money he got from work despite his present situation. At the time, it was a stupid decision that got him in trouble with friends and family. However, the foolish decision won him the grand lottery prize.

With Rs 1 crore, about a hundred thousand dollars, Mojiful had all the money he needed to build his dream house for himself and his family. With Mojiful, we can say that it pays to be hopeful.

5.   Porrunan Rajan

Like Mojiful, Porrunan Rajan was struggling to pays his debts. The rubber tapper at the time decided to buy a ticket and try his luck. Unknown to him, this was a move that would change his life forever.

After buying his lucky ticket, he proceeded to the bank where he made another loan payment. Only if he knew, that was the last time he would be paying for a loan.

The next day, Rajan woke up like every other person in Kerala. However, when he checked the lottery numbers, Rajan was amazed to see his predictions come true. Rajan was so shocked; he had to call his daughter to confirm for him.

Rajan had just won a total of Rs 12 crore, about 1.5 million dollars. With this money, he paid off his loans and bought a new home for himself and his daughter. He also dedicated some parts of the funds to the education of his daughter.

Rajan continues to seek out long term investments with the rest of the money. He hopes that he and his family will live comfortably with this money in the future to come.

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