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Prominent descendant of Deotsidh Cave Shrine Dr PC Sharma propounds Central Advisory Council for Himachal Temples

YS RANA | February 06, 2023 07:33 PM

PARKASHPUR(HP): For better governance, preservation, conservation, promotion and sustainable development of the state temples and the endowed properties attached thereto and to achieve the socio- cultural and spiritual objectives with reasonable restrictions which don’t violate the rights of religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, the Himachal Pradesh Hindu Public Religious Institutions And Charitable Endowments Act, 1984 was constituted by the State Government for proper management and fairer functioning of religious institutions.

Besides government servants, the bonfide hereditary trustees of a religious institution succession and genealogical founders to whose office bestows by hereditary rights are to be nominated under the articulated Act for propagation of Hindu religion and for rendering educational, historical, healthcare, spiritual and sociocultural services. To implement the said Act in real form and function, the descendant of world famed Deotsidh Deity, Dr P.C.Sharma has tendered to the present plutocracy to constitute Central Advisory Council for finer functioing of temples in Himachal Pradesh.

As the temples have now become the inspiring centres of social and cultural life of the community, centre of promotion and patronage of art and architecture and began to serve as centres of higher learning and research in various multidisciplinary streams such as history, art, architecture, archaeology, archives, sanskrit, science, engineering, technology, museology, management, religion, urban development, literature etc, therefore, the governing body urgently needs adequate multi-disciplinary expertise, experience and passion of the members of the management trust affirmed legendary educationist-cum- museologist Dr PC Sharma.

The ancient Sidhpeeth of Baba Balak Nath which attracts millions of universal adherents, pilgrims, devotees, tourists and researchers alike has set in dotting on global graph for its fame in rendering socio-cultural, educational, healthcare, environmental and infrastructural services. The previous dispensation and saffron aristocracy, however, has remained insensitive in constituting appropriate managing body to address much needed specialised areas of the religious institution of highest esteem. The descendants have urged the present Government to give representation to multidisplinary fields amongst educationist, historians, museologist, art and heritage experts, policymakers etc while nominating hereditary members and others in the prestigious trust organisation.

Dr Sharma is confident that constitution of such Central Advisory Council having multifaceted members for all the nationalised temples of Himachal Pradesh will definitely enhance and strengthen the holistic developmental strategies of the religious institutions in the state.

The Chairman of SBBN World Research Foundation Dr PC Sharma along with delegation of prominent descendants of Deotsidh Cave Temple have commended the able and august sons of indigenous district Hamirpur viz.Chief Minister SS Sukhu and legislator lD Lakhanpal for displaying their dynamic leadership and decisive decisions in all public welfare pursuits and wished the Government emerging as an effective solution provider and every himachali citizen's confidence was cresting.

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