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Nine year old girl electrocuted after coming in contact with high voltage wires

SATISH SETH | April 14, 2024 01:46 PM

KAITHAL: A 9 year old innocent girl died tragically after coming in contact with the high voltage electrical wires passing over the house in Pyoda Road street number 11. This accident happened when the 9 years old girl was playing on the rooftop of the house. At the time of the accident, there was such a huge explosion that people nearby also came out of their houses.

Ram Niwas, a mechanic near the house and the girl's maternal grandfather, told that the electric wires passing over the house attracted 9-year-old Neetu, who was playing on the terrace.Due strong electric shock the her body was reduced to ashes. The mother of the deceased girl Neetu was living with her three children in a rented house at Pyoda Road, Street No. 11, Shastri Nagar. Little did he know that the destiny was going to give them such a rude shock of life . The deceased girl's maternal grandfather Ramniwas told that his daughter has two daughters and a son. On Saturday afternoon, one of his daughters, Neetu, died after coming in contact with high voltage electrical wires. It is being told that the mother of the deceased girl was living with her three children on rent separately from her husband for three years. The people of the colony told that they had gone to the officials and employees of the electricity department yesterday also with a request to remove the electric wires passing over the houses, but the department is not listening to them. After receiving information about the accident, police reached the spot and the fire brigade department vehicle extinguished the fire in the house.
Electrical equipment of dozens of nearby houses burnt:
With a loud explosion in the house, electricity went off in dozens of nearby houses. Colony resident Soma told that at the time of this accident, the fans and other electrical appliances of his house got damaged. Similarly, Kitabho told that the fridge in her house also stopped working. The electrical appliances of Mahesh's house, a colony resident , have also been burnt to ashes. The electricity meters installed outside the houses of many people have also been burnt. Neighboring people allege that it has become common for the people of this colony to suffer loss of burn electrical equipment. This has happened many times and they have expressed their grief to the department but the problem still remains.
Colony resident Soma told that about half a dozen people have died due to these high voltage electric wires passing over the colony. Laborers and mechanics who came to work in the colony have also become victims of accidents.

The high voltage electric transmission line from Pyoda Road. belongs to 132 KV power house located on Jind Road. There has been no such provision yet to remove these wires. But still, if the residents of the colony here give him a written request to remove any wire, he will forward it to the top officials. After this, top officials will take some decision to remove these wires -Paramvir, XEN, HVPNL.said

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