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Why hire a visa consultant for getting a work visa abroad?

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | January 18, 2022 01:00 PM

Working abroad is a dream that many Indians nurture. The culture has been also conducive to immigration since decades. People are used to having someone in their social circle who has migrated to a foreign country and has made a decent living and professional career. This ignites a desire among many others to replicate what others have been able to achieve. Securing a work visa is the key to achieving that. But where to start? This is a question that discourages a lot of young people from trying. Rudraksh Immigration in Mohali is the perfect way to deal with this issue.

 Services by Rudraksh Group

Having been involved in the overseas migration business for over 28 years now, Rudraksh Group Consultants knows the ins and outs of the visa and migration process thoroughly. They have processed thousands of visas for students and work-seekers in some of the most popular destinations abroad. This includes the U.S., UK, Canada, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. All of these are countries where Indians have been travelling for work or personal reasons since decades. The staff at Rudraksh Group Consultancy is well-versed with the foreign policies of these countries.

Also, they keep an eye out for any changes that have been made to the immigration regulations in these countries. As soon as some changes or relaxations are there, it would benefit the potential visa seekers directly. However, a regular person doesn’t have the time to keep a tab of everything that has been happening in the world at all times. That is why it is a great idea to hire professionals to do this job, while you could concentrate on other important aspects of travelling abroad like planning the finances, etc.

 Work Visa Process

The work visa process for various countries might differ a bit. But it would take an enormous amount of time for a regular office-going professional to do so much research where you know about every requirement of the work visa for multiple countries. But Rudraksh Group Consultants has this information readily available at all times. Also, it happens all the time that visas get rejected for some rookie mistake that you might end up making if you are filling the forms yourself or submitting your documents.

 For any sort of visa, the applicant is required to show proof of sufficient funds in the bank account along with a job offer letter from the destination country and proof of accommodation. One needs to have this documentation ready before applying for a visa. But often, people struggle with collecting these documents or filling the details in the visa form due to lack of knowledge.

And for such simple reasons the visa get rejected all the time. Then people have to repeat the entire process all over again. Therefore, it is advisable to have professional overseas consultants handling your case from the beginning. They have filled thousands of visa applications and they won’t make such amateur mistakes. It gives you a sense of peace that professional staff is in charge of your application.

Rudraksh Group in Mohali is one of the most experienced overseas consultants in North India. With strong industry-specific expertise, they could be your ideal partner to ensure that you could concentrate on your dreams while they will take care of the procedure. Even after reaching your destination, Rudraksh Group could support you with anything that you might require. So, book your appointments today to experience professional consultancy from the pioneers of the field.

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