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Baba Balbir Singh 96 Crore led by Nihang Singhs to Khalsai Jaho Jalal and the Baisakhi Mela ends

AMRIK SINGH | April 14, 2024 11:58 PM

DAMDAMA SAHIB: Baisakhi festival was peacefully ended with the khalsa mohalla procession according to the ancient tradition was organised by Budha Dal led by Baba Balbir Singh 96 crori here on Sunday.

A gurmat samagam was held at Gurdwara Ber Sahib in which Narrators, scholars, preachers and elders informed the congregation about the glory of Khalsa Sajna Day on Sikh history.

The Buddha Dal honored the great religious personalities on the occasion of Akhand Path.

More than 250 devotees Drink the amrit and after they joined mohalla procession started from Gurdwara Ber Sahib Degsar Patshahi 10th Cantonment in which Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Balbir Singh Akali with 96 crores Baba Major Singh Dashmesh Tarna Dal, Baba Kharak Singh, Baba Pratap Singh, Baba Punjab Singh, Baba Raghubir Singh Khayala, Baba Vasan Singh, Baba Balwinder Singh MehtaIn addition to Chhaunk, Baljit Singh Dadwall, Baba Kulwinder Singh Challebar Sahib, and more of the Guru Kiibli village Niirang Singh, along with his own side. Gurdwara Ber Sahib Degsar Patshahi started with Mahalla Takht Sri Damdama Sahib paying obeisance at Gurudwara Mahalsar Sahib, Guru Kashi Gurmati Institute. Puja in the ground behind the bus stand. Shiromani Seva Ratan Mukhi Sahib Jathedar Baba Balbir Singh Akali with 96 Crores of Nihang Singh Dalpant and many Nihang Singh Dalpants of traditional lions, weapons, horses. , reached by riding elephants, camels Where he rode a horse to an exemplary gathering of the congregationWrestling, gatkebazi and wrestlers showed their strength in the mall arena.At the head of the Nihang Singh troops in the Mahalla, the Nihang Singh troops in large numbers decorated the Chakras, Khande, Chand, Gurj, Shingar, Bagankha, wore small big kirpans, and decorated their hands behind the shields. In Neje, Khande Phadi, Blue Kesari They are presenting the scene of a war atmosphere by being well-armored in the fieldswereThe beautiful sounds of bad instruments, the beats of dhol nagaras and nurses.

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