Tuesday, July 05, 2022


AIPEF contests claims of self claimed experts on Lehra Mohabatt

VINOD GUPTA | May 15, 2022 06:33 PM

CHANDIGARH: All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) has contested the claim of self claimed experts attributing the closure of Lehra Mohabatt thermal unit due to collapse of fly ash handling system ( ESP) on operating and maintenance engineers of the plant.

It has been claimed by self claimed experts that 1500 crore has been wasted which has been spent on maintenance of these ESPs. This amount is actually the total annual revenue requirement for running of two thermal plants.

This include fuel cost, employee cost , Return on equity and repair and maintenance expenses.The repair and maintenance expenses for lehra Mohabatt are Ts.30.59 crore only

A committee of thermal experts after probe can find the root cause of the accident and suggest remedial measures.

AIPEF in a press note stated that the Lehra Mohabatt and Ropar thermal plants were put in place for running the units only during paddy season for three months only and manpower and spares were arranged accordingly.

AIPEF notes that even against the advice of the power engineers three private thermal plants were established in Punjab much more than the required capacity.

This is another story that these Since the capacity was much more than requirement, the plant load factor (PLF) of state plants started falling. Last year the PLF of Lehra Mohabatt was only 11% where as it used to be more than 90% in hey days.

Skilled manpower was transferred from the plants, procurement of new spares were banned. The special powers
of chief engineers for emergency purchases were withdrawn.

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