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Conventional Egg Boiling vs. Using an Egg Boiler: Which Is Better?

September 10, 2018 12:57 PM

Boiling eggs may seem like an easy job. But, boiling them to get perfectly soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though you know the exact time and water level needed to make a perfectly boiled egg, you may get easily distracted for a minute, which can completely change the texture of the egg. Conventional egg boiling procedures need continuous attention and skilful scaling of water and egg proportion. On the other hand, in an egg boiler, everything is automated. To know more about which method is better, let’s have a look at the different aspects of boiling eggs:

Measuring the Right Proportion of Water for the Number of Eggs

The key to cooking perfectly boiled eggs is the right proportion of eggs and water. Adding more water to a few eggs or adding more eggs to less water can affect their texture.  In the case of the conventional boiling method, you need to know the right proportion of eggs and water you need. But, in the case of an egg boiler, you just need to fill up the appliance according to the instructions given in the user manual and you are done. There are no hassles in the case of an egg boiler. Considering that the egg boiler priceis very much affordable, it’s a must-have appliance for every kitchen.

The Time Required to Cook Eggs

An egg boiler wins this point. This appliance needs a lot less time to boil eggs as compared to the conventional boiling methods. It comes with lids that fit perfectly. This increases the speed of cooking of the eggs. Conventional egg boiling can be tedious as you need to keep a watch on the eggs while they are boiling to take them out at the right time.

The Texture of the Cooked Eggs

Obtaining the right texture of the egg can be hard. Some people like hard-boiled eggs, whereas a few like soft-boiled. In the conventional egg boiling method, you need to follow the timings as per your requirement. Getting the right texture through conventional method is difficult, whereas egg boilers come with automatic settings and timers. They come with an option to choose from soft, medium and hard-boiling. It is easy to get the right texture with an egg boiler.


Ease of Using an Egg Boiler

This is an additional benefit of boiling egg using an egg boiler. Most of the egg boilers come with one-touch operation. There is no extra effort you need to put while boiling the egg. All you need to do is add eggs and water into the boiler and switch it on with one touch.  If you are a health-conscious person and have made eggs as the main part of your daily diet, it might be difficult to get perfectly boiled eggs outside. An egg boiler is a great option for such people.

When comparing the two methods of boiling eggs, the advantages of using a boiler is more than the conventional method used. Egg boilers come with an easy-to-use operation procedure that can get you perfectly boiled eggs. Considering that the egg boiler price in India is very less, it is easily affordable too.

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