Tuesday, October 20, 2020


THIS IS SHE - Social working housewives to get a new name

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | October 17, 2020 12:05 PM

NEW DELHI:Woman, a word that is synonymous with the creator of this world. A creator, who creates a human being, shapes a society, and our values. Our community harbours many such creative women who are not only managing household affairs but also selflessly working towards the welfare of our society. To tribute  these devoted women, troopel.com brings a new initiative, THIS IS SHE.THIS IS SHE explaining the need for this initiative, the co-founder of troopel.com
Mr. Atul Malikram states, "There is a misconception held by the general public that a housewife is just equipped for housework. Nonetheless, there are also such women around us, who have not just taken care of their families, but also have come forward to work for our society. The contribution of these housewives to the growth anddevelopment of our society is invaluable. And despite their achievements, they are down to earth, and to honor their simplicity and elegance
we bring the platform 'THIS IS SHE Ordinarily in today's time of busy routine, to manage time from the household work to come forward for social work gets extremely difficult, however, our nation's housewives worked from home and considered social work as their duty with most extreme devotion.THIS IS SHE is an initiative that is one of its kind. 'THIS IS SHE' will conduct livewebinars where the stories of such social workers will be told and their experiences will be shared. They will also be honored on this online platform. The live program will be inaugurated on the 5th November on the Facebook page andYoutube channel of troopel.com troopel.com additionally conducts various webinar programs on themes related to social interest like independent youth, Meri Lado, Open Mic, Second Innings, and so on.

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