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88-yr-old 'Tara' hogs limelight on World Elephant Day

IANS | August 12, 2022 01:09 PM

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : On the occasion of World Elephant Day, 88-year-old elephant 'Tara', who has been with the Guruvayoor Devasom for the past 64 years and taken care of like a baby owing to the advanced age, is the cynosure of all eyes.

August 12 is celebrated as World Elephant Day to honour these gentle giants, to spread awareness about their preservation and protection across the world.

Mahout Babu, who has been with Tara for the past 12 years, is always by her side.

"She has been here for 64 years and according to our estimates her age should be 88 years. She is now being taken care like a baby, " says Babu who shares a special bond with her.

Elaborating on her food habits, he said: "Her daily diet includes dates, rice and pulses. The problem with her now is she cannot lie down, as she knows if she lies down getting up is difficult, so most of the time we find her standing. We have placed two thick poles on the side for her to lean on, " said Babu.

"Today we have a function as part of the World Elephant Day, when she will be feted. With her advanced age, her vision has got impacted and so has her hearing capacity. Hence while giving commands, we have to repeat it a few times. But she is very obedient, we have not used the stick to make her obey in the past three years, " added Babu.

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