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“Dhiyan Di Lohri” celebrated at Aryans Public School

January 14, 2019 02:45 PM

MOHALI: “Dhiyan Di Lohri” (Lohri of daughters) to promote “save the girl child” was celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the students and staff of Aryans Public School, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh.

Principal, Aryans Public School, Mrs Sarita Jain lit the sacred bonfire to initiate the celebration. She also highlighted the importance of the festival of Lohri, which ushers in the cheerful spring season bidding adieu to the dull winter. Students sang Lohri songs and Dances were presented by the little girl students on the occasion.  

Mrs Jain while speaking on the occasion said that things had changed a lot now and the girl child were treated equally with boys. They said the mindset of a certain section of society had not changed in these years and there was still a long way to go before girls acquire the equal status in society.   

It is to be mentioned that Lohri falls on the Paush month and is usually celebrated with much splendour on January 13. The festival is considered to be one of the most important occasions in Punjab, especially for the newborn and newly-wedded couples.

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