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SRK's sarcastic reply to fan curious about his underwear colour

IANS | March 31, 2021 08:04 PM

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday had a sarcastic response for a fan who enquired about the colour of his innerwear. Shah Rukh was engaged in a fun interactive session with fans on Twitter when this happened.

"I only do these #asksrk for such classy and educated questions, " SRK replied to a fan who tweeted, "Sir what's ur underwear color?? #AskSRK."

Shah Rukh responded to any other questions from fans during the #AskSRK session. More weird questions followed, which the actor tackled with his trademark humour and sarcasm.

A fan asked the actor why he takes a lot of time while using the washroom, to which SRK replied: "Will send you a video.... ur inquisitiveness and yearning for learning is very touching."

When a fan asked what does wife Gauri love about him, the actor replied: "That I cook and clean and look after the babies. And I guess being so handsome helps too..."

Responding to a fan asking which of Aamir Khan's films are his favourites, Shah Rukh replied: "Raakh QSQT Dangal Lagaan 3 Idiots."

Replying to a fan who accused him of being egoistic, the actor said: "Nahi yaar main itna Great hoon mujh mein bilkul ego nahi hai!! Ha ha. (No buddy, I am so great I don't have ego issues)."

When a fan asked why he didn't meet them at his residence Mannat on his birthday in November, SRK mentioned the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He wrote: "Hope the virus is contained and we are all back to normalcy. I miss you all on my birthday."

The actor slammed another fan who asked for tips to "patana" or impress girls. Shah Rukh wrote: "Start with not using the word 'Patana' for a girl. Try with more respect gentleness and respect."

A fan enquired why the actor doesn't have a Twitter bio, to which he replied: "It's still being compiled.... so much of life has happened to me my friend, it's difficult to restrict it in a bio."

However, the actor did not give any clear answer about his upcoming films and projects, which multiple fans asked him during the interactive session.

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