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Punjab CM Mann addressed public rallies in Jalandhar west, urged the people to vote for AAP candidate Mohinder Bhagat

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | July 04, 2024 09:28 PM

JALANDHAR: Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, on Thursday, campaigned for AAP's candidate Mohinder Bhagat in Jalandhar west and addressed public rallies in ward no. 40 and ward no. 45. CM urged people to vote for Mohinder Bhagat and promised that he will give him the next platform where he will be able to serve the people of Jalandhar even better. He hinted at making Mohinder Bhagat cabinet minister once he was elected MLA from Jalandhar west.

Addressing the people, CM Mann said that the people of Jalandhar say that they are with him and the Aam Aadmi Party. He said that he can never repay the debt of the love and blessings of the people. He said that the AAP has the support of the people of every section and community.

Mann said that the result of this election cannot cause any change in the government. Neither our government will fall nor anyone else's government will be formed, but the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party candidate will give you a share in the government, due to which the development of this area will be done at a faster pace.

Mann said that he was planning for a long time to set up an office in Doaba so that he can meet the people of Doaba and Majha region. He said that one thing good came out of this by-election is that he was finally able to implement that plan and set up an office here. Mann said that he meets 500 people in the morning everyday at his Jalandhar residence. Now people don't have to go to Chandigarh to get their work done, now the government is at your doorstep. It saves your time and effort. Mann said that he will keep this residence even after elections so that he can be available 3-4 days a week to the people of Doaba and Majha region.

Mann said that BJP's politics of hatred and polarisation can never work in Punjab. Punjab's land is very fertile but it will never let the seed of hatred grow here. He said that the people of Punjab celebrate their Gurpurabs, Eids, Diwali and Christmas together. He said that all communities live peacefully here.

Mann said that the politics is not bad, it's just tge number of bad people in it that is the problem. He said that everything in your life is decided by politics, even what you eat for dinner, so don't run away from it, take an active part in the politics, bring change. He said that he is delighted to share that youth comes to him and joins the AAP everyday.

CM said that he has a very busy life so a journalist asks him how he gives time to his family. Mann said that the whole of Punjab is family, so even working, I'm always with my family and spending time with them. He said that he gave 43 thousand government jobs, without any bribe or recommendation. He said that it is for the first time that the youth of Punjab is getting jobs on meritorious basis. He said that he doesn't even entertain any recommendation even if it's from his own MLA. He urged the people to vote for an honest candidate Mohinder Bhagat this time.

Mann said that only the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) gives platform and opportunity to youth and common people. He said that traditional parties like Shiromani Akali Dal and Bharatiya Janata Party have no place for common people. He said that Badal and Captain ruled Punjab for 25 years, but they did nothing for Punjab, that's why the people like him (Mann) had to join politics. He said that people like Sukhbir Badal cannot even digest that the common people became CM, ministers and MLAs. He added that God does everything for good, he said that it is a good thing that the people of Jalandhar are getting an honest MLA.

Work is being done in the Mann government, but not illegal or corrupt work: Mohinder Bhagat

Addressing the people AAP candidate Mohinder Bhagat thanked the people for coming in such large numbers for this public meeting. He said that some people are saying that work is not being done in the Mann government, but that is a lie. Truth is work is being done in the Mann government but nothing illegal or corruption. He said that the Mann government is doing exceptional and unprecedented work in Punjab. He urged the people to approve the public welfare works of the AAP government through this election.

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